BORN: 15/5 1159 in FA Lioni

RACE: Common

REALM: Cyan Mentalism

AURA: Blue

HEIGHT: 184 cm




8th Skjald

Octava Mezzozo Bard


“Mind so sharp… tongue sharper… sharpest of all… grand and small…”

Skjald Kazumix



Fourth Age

The youngest son of musical instrument makers of Jomzaar and N'aldaan parents. They say he always had a melody in his bones; occasionally it chimes a little too high, but that arrived early, according to the same people. Anyway, with reasonably prosperous parents and 18 older siblings, some of whom already had jobs, there was a lot going on. So the tail of the flock was free to do whatever he pleased. So he performed, acted, sung, and created when he wasn’t studying Mathematics, Languages, Alchemy, or… whatever. He was certainly a brilliant bulb!

Skjald Yell'a'Beard


He was born in Trambadol, near the The Trambadols Shelfs and the coast of Kimlops Bay, surrounded by rivers, mountains, and the sea. As a result, he frequently encountered trade caravans. He informed me that Lionel was one of the most adventurous and joyful merchants, and that he had even travelled with him when he was a boy. One of such journeys was in 1170, when he witnessed Lionel’s quick intelligence and courage, when Lionel was notified of an unusual vessel that had docked on the opposite side of the Isle. Lionel stood motionless and visibly considering for a minute or two before sending everyone ashore and vowing that if they would let him retain their goods for the time being, he would compensate them tenfold when they returned. .Everyone decided to give up their possessions. Knowing it was a risky expedition since the ship may be pirates, he trusted this natural merchant and turned over the few family artefacts and instruments to Lionel to sell. Lionel’s cargo assistant and the majority of the crew joined us on the pier, and The Falcon took off.

Skjald Vinotis


When he returned home, the scolding he received for the handing out on simple trust caused him to quit his family. However, the earnings from the goods, which he had entrusted to Lionel, meant that he could properly pay his family and leave free of unpaid debts. This experience, being at the right place at the right time, is claimed to have sparked Sigurds’ interest in visiting courts and taking risks. As a result of his own hard work, he became a Bard and travelled from court to court entertaining the nobles.

But, he claimed, as time passed, he became tired of singing made-up praise and old fairy stories. He preferred the true sagas and folklore. So, about 1199, he began studying all he could about whatever court he attended, and through the years, he became extremely well educated in what had happened. He gradually established his reputation.

Skjald Sejrik


I saw him perform again in the year 1232, during a huge royal feast marking the 100th birthday of Junnatu Weavers‘ great king Meanbone. This time, I was confident he should no longer be a Bard and instead become a Skjald. So, late that evening, when I asked him what he thought of such an offer, he grinned and replied, “Finally, one of you inquired, and I’d be honoured, and of course, you can test whenever you like.” We had a fantastic night, and within a week we were off to Findon to join the Skjalds’ annual meeting.

Skjald Ulrich


That year’s meeting at the Dunes of Drogtor in Andalus was warm but enjoyable. Particularly when Ulrich and Citrine had both brought trainees to be assessed. And it was a joy to find that they both had professions as Bards but wished to join our ranks.

Both performed admirably in their respective tests and gave spectacular results. El Mary uses rhythmic movement when presenting, and Sigurd uses rhythmic voice usage. Both passed, and it was the first time a gathering had accepted dual apprentices, so things got a little festive. It was very important for me because it was my 30th anniversary as a Skjald.

Skjald Vinotis


After being approved, I spent 15 years studying in previously forbidden libraries and organisations steeped in secret. And in 1244, I went to Kistal and spent two years at The Deep Inn, which was run by Deepminded. Then I spent four years touring the Isles, attending courts. And slowly came to realise that something was building in the shadows, that if the powers behind were successful, a High King would be born.

So I returned to my homelands and paid a visit to Lionel, who was now the proprietor of an island near Golny titled Island of Piecao and wealthy beyond conception. Such a beautiful environment he had made, but how strange to see the Kinoblin wandering around the village. But we knew so little back then.

He recognised me and told me that one of the high ranking Kinoblin had enjoyed my Instruments so much… that my parents were now the richest in Trambadol, if not all Lioni. Grinning, he amended, “The king may be richer because of my gifts…”

I was astonished by how far this little war victim had gone as he toured me around town, the island, and his residence. We talked about it over dinner, and I asked him if he could share any information about ‘a king to be born,’ which I imagined he would know. With a sneaky smirk, he informed me about a gamble, but a good one, they’d set in motion to ensure peace and commercial stability. They intended to propose a High King who would unite all Hordess in The Realm. In fact, they had a king to present at a’meeting’ with some opposing kings coming up this year. I should accompany you. I did.

Skjald Sigurd


I recall seeing him during the coronation of the High King…

Observing everyone who communicated to one other and calculating fractions of The Realm…

Later, we spent time together touring and talking about people and fractions…

We began to discover some well-hidden partnerships as time passed…

And the company of this or that noble, lord, or merchant…

We didn’t share this information with the circle until The Great Invasion arrived.

Skjald Kazumix


Sigurd and Kazumix's accumulated knowledge, as well as the experiences survivors could offer during The Great Invasion. It made organising and launching the Cleansing Crusade significantly more secure. Avoiding numerous traitors and renegades before we arrived at their gates was critical to the success of a driven but old and ageing High King and his similarly tired fellow Heroes.

Skjald Valgrif



‘Sigurd’ is a captivating embodiment of archetypal qualities, crafting a character that influences, challenges, and inspires. His journey weaves through entrepreneurship, creativity, healing, rebellion, companionship, inspiration, mediation, and translation, creating a rich tapestry of growth and impact.

He is a dynamic and charismatic figure who inspires others with his visionary ideas and creative creations. He is devoted to his work, sometimes to the point of neglecting other aspects of his life. His artistic nature may drive him to engage in creative expression, sparking thought-provoking debates and challenging norms. In his relationships, he is deeply empathetic and nurturing, offering comfort and support to those in need. To avoid burnout and inner turmoil, he struggles with setting boundaries, managing his emotional involvement, and finding practical balance in his life.

Skjald Sejrik


Strengths: Innate business acumen and innovation. Thrives on taking calculated risks and seizing opportunities. Driven to create and build something from the ground up. Inspires others with their leadership and vision. Unleashes creativity and self-expression. Inspires through visual, auditory, or written mediums. Sees beauty and possibility in the world. Challenges norms and provokes thought through their art. Compassionate and nurturing nature. Offers support and healing to those in need. Creates a safe space for emotional and physical well-being. Inspires others to embrace self-care and growth. Fearlessly challenges authority and conventional norms. Drives change through nonconformity and defiance. Inspires others to question and challenge the status quo. Embodies independence and free thinking. Deeply empathetic and supportive of others. Thrives in relationships and social connections. Creates a sense of belonging and comfort for others. Offers loyalty and companionship in times of need. Inspires creativity and innovation in others. Radiates a captivating and magnetic presence. Acts as a source of inspiration and motivation. Sparks new ideas and perspectives through their aura. Tendency to feel objectified or disconnected from their own needs. Risk of losing their sense of self in others’ projections. Could struggle with finding fulfillment outside of being an inspiration. May experience pressure to constantly maintain their inspirational role. Bridges communication between different groups. Facilitates understanding and connection. Values diversity and cross-cultural exchange. Acts as a mediator and peacemaker.

Challenges: Tendency to become consumed by work and neglect other aspects of life. Risk of burnout from constant pressure and responsibility. Could struggle with work-life balance and maintaining personal relationships. May experience setbacks from business failures or economic fluctuations. Innate drive to bring ideas and visions to life. Thrives on the process of making and building. Inspires through tangible creations and innovations. Challenges others to see the world in new ways. Tendency to struggle with practical matters and routine. Risk of inner turmoil and self-doubt related to their creative output. Could face challenges in making a stable income from their art. May be sensitive to criticism and struggle with sharing their work. Tendency to take on others’ emotional burdens. Risk of neglecting personal well-being while caring for others. Could struggle with setting boundaries and saying no. May experience emotional exhaustion from constant empathy. Tendency to be seen as confrontational or disruptive. Risk of becoming rebellious for the sake of rebellion. Could struggle with finding constructive outlets for defiance. May face backlash or consequences from authorities. Tendency to become perfectionistic and overly critical of their work. Risk of frustration from creative blocks or lack of inspiration. Could struggle with translating ideas into successful projects. May face disappointment if their creations don’t meet their expectations. Tendency to become overly dependent on others for validation. Risk of neglecting personal needs while focusing on others. Could struggle with setting boundaries in relationships. May experience emotional challenges from absorbing others’ emotions. Tendency to take on the emotional weight of conflicting parties. Risk of misinterpretation or miscommunication in complex situations. Could struggle with finding their own voice amidst translation. May face challenges in maintaining impartiality and avoiding biases.

Sigurd is a captivating fusion of archetypal strengths, weaving a character of dynamic influence and inspiration. He navigates opportunities with innovation and leadership. Often unleashes creativity, provoking thought and challenging norms. He offers compassion and support, creating safe spaces for growth. He drives change through defiance, daring others to question the status quo. He brings ideas to life, inspiring new perspectives. A Companion at heart, he nurtures relationships, creating bonds of belonging. Sigurd raises creativity in others and sparking new ideas. His nature bridges communication, fostering understanding in diverse contexts. His entrepreneurship, creativity, healing, rebellion, companionship, inspiration, mediation, and translation, leaving an indelible impact on those he encounters.

Skjald Ulrich



One of the world’s most proficient Circular Breathing performers, he can recite indefinitely.

Skjald Sejrik

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