Raudiks Alohue

  • Name: Aqisil Ekkuraway
  • Discovery: Raudik Larvard
  • Available: Autumn, Winter 55%
  • Locale: Temperate Grassland
  • Cost: 5 cp/ 5 cp
  • Uses: 2


Raudik Larvard is said to have discovered this after tumbling down a steep cliff, into a large amount of  Alohue“.

Skjald Sigurd



Raudiks Alohue is a very short-stemmed plant growing 60–100 centimetres tall. The leaves are thick and fleshy, green to grey-green, with white flecks on their upper and lower stem surfaces. Leaf edges is serrated and has small yellow teeth.

In the summer spikes grow up to 90 cm tall, and produce pendulous flowers, with a yellow tubular corolla 2–3 cm.

Skjald Valgrif



Preparation: Gently mashing the leaves to get a moisty paste or gel.

The Alohue must be applied to a wound.

Will double the natural healing rate of burns and minor cuts.

Skjald Sejrik



The paste or gel has a very long durability if not drying out.

Skjald El Mary

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