Raudiks Alohue

  • Discovery: Raudik Larvard
  • Climate: Temperate
  • Locale: Grassland
  • Type: Bienneal
  • Sort: Herbaceous plant
  • Available: Autumn, Winter 55%
  • Cost: 5 cp/ 5 cp
  • Uses: 2


Raudik Larvard’s harrowing encounter with a pack of cyotes led to an unexpected discovery that would change the course of herbal medicine. After a treacherous tumble down a steep mountain slope, he found solace on a lush plant-bed of Alohue, which proved to be a swift cure for rifts, scratches, and bleeding wounds.

Skjald Sigurd



During a routine gathering expedition, Raudik Larvard ventured into rough terrain, unaware of the impending danger that lay ahead—a pack of ferocious cyotes. Faced with certain peril, he took a bold leap of faith, allowing himself to slide down the mountainside, resulting in a tumultuous fall. Despite the rough landing, he miraculously found himself amidst a sea of Alohue plants. Fatigued and battered, Raudik decided to rest upon the verdant bed of healing foliage. To his astonishment, he awoke the next day, witnessing a remarkably expedited recovery.

Skjald Valgrif



Raudik’s Alohue presents itself as a very short-stemmed plant, growing to a height of 60–100 centimeters. Its thick and fleshy leaves exhibit shades of green to grey-green, adorned with white flecks on both upper and lower stem surfaces. Notably, the serrated leaf edges are accentuated with small yellow teeth.

In the summer, striking spikes emerge, soaring up to 90 cm tall, adorned with pendulous flowers that boast a resplendent yellow tubular corolla measuring 2–3 cm.

Skjald Ulrich



Temperate Grassland

Skjald Sigurd



Preparation: To unleash the medicinal potential of Alohue, gently mash the leaves to create a moisty paste or gel.

Use: Apply the Alohue paste or gel directly to the wound.

Effect: The remarkable properties of Alohue serve to double the natural healing rate of burns and minor cuts, facilitating a swifter recovery.

Skjald Sejrik



The Alohue paste or gel boasts an exceptional longevity, ensuring a prolonged shelf life without drying out.

Skjald El Mary



Exercise care to exclude the pendulous yellow tubular corolla flowers from the preparation of the Alohue paste or gel, as their inclusion may lead to unintended effects. Respecting this cautionary measure ensures the herb’s safety and effectiveness in its healing endeavors. With Raudik’s Alohue, the world of herbal medicine gains a remarkable ally in nurturing nature’s miraculous remedies..

Skjald Kazumix

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