Combat Herbs

Triad Trader


High King


“Since dawn of time… those to engage in warfare… have consumed plants or potions… to enhance performance…”




For as long as anyone can remember, beings have consumed plants, spices and other things, to enhance their performance in conflicts. Through time this consumption has evolved into regular schools, recipes and cookbooks, teaching the do’s and dont’s of what to use.

These schools divided into two major branches; those that shunned and taught what was dangerous to use, and those who found ways to counter or ignore the damages to the consumers. Here one must distinguish between ‘combat herbs’ and poisons, which are an enterly different area. The only thing these have in common are societies, schools, and recipes. Actual usage us different.

Realising most of the potent ones had damaging side effects, the High King banned the use of these throughout The Realm. But as people close to them distributed  the ban was but a defacto Nobility managment tool.

Skjald Ulrich



We dont know much about the societies behind, but the Triad Traders made a fortune distributing it, despite the High Kings ban.




They enhance the consumer in various ways.


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