BORN: 4/12 1105 in Ascal

RACE: Jomzaar/Moss'ari

REALM: Red Mentalism

AURA: Orange

HEIGHT: 183 cm




6th Skjald

Sejrik was born the 5th child and 3rd son of a couple running a famous dairy. Thus young life was as much work as it was play. Often aiding his father at the dairy or doing errands to wealthy customers, he became a strong lad. Not just due the work, but also to avoid the bullies trying to rob or ruin his cargo. Thus, in his early teens he was strong as an ox, agile as a panther and quick as a cobra. As he grew he became fond of studying the landscape on his errands to nearby farms, mansions and strongholds. At times complimenting this and that landowner for good work or what he considered an improvement to aesthetic value. So in the early 20’s he was as often summoned to former dairy customers or unknown people, asking for his suggestions and advice. Oh that dairy-boy sure had grown into a landscape former by his own doing.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard


A disasterous fire is said to have cost his 3 sisters their lives and split the family apart…

An event that triggered Sejriks departure and long journey to Akmutal where he is said to have stayed only shortly…

For as he learned of the Minotaurs of Mumuarki in Bay of Braburg he went there to study their famous wrestling and architecture…

It was not untill he had passed 30 he again was seen at the streets of Midgard towns and cities.

Skjald Kazumix


The first time I ever saw Sejrik was in 1172 at the docks of Piecao, where he at first looked drunk and brawling with a couple of the darn Kinoblin. But as I looked closer, it was due to hits from their totenslagers the made him stagger. Thus, I yelled at them and rushed in for what was about to bode ill for the lad. They must have known who I where and my relations with Lionel because they fled like morning dew from a raising sun.

After the rescue I took him to The Barfing Seal, a great inn with hot stew and calming ale. And as he munched bread and gulped mug after mug I started to find the lad interesting. And I now know why they wanted to kidnap him -he was excellent at magic. Especially his ability to learn and memorize took me by surprise. My initial idea of leaving him when fed and calmed, was altered as we spoke. And late that night I took him to Lionel. Soon thereafter, as I left Piecao, Sejrik became an apprentice for my spot as advisor. I’ve been told that hes somewhat like me when reciting, but I see him more like Lionel when hes debating at our meetings.

Skjald Valgrif


Sejrik is the 2nd eldest of age but youngest of our eight main coloured Skjalds inner circle and its his eye for contradictions in the vast lore that has brought him upwards. And having seen the looks on valgrif’s face when Yell'a'Beard and Kazumix do their best -or worst. He is inclined to tell things like me, yet he is way more skeptical towards the sagas of old. Thus, he uses quite a lot of time for a Skjald reading in the libraries of old throughout The Realm. His findings in various old lore, often makes him raise debates at our meetings, as he want to clarify Skjald reciting versus old third hand scholar documenting.

Skjald Ulrich


At the time of the Invasion I had been a Skjald for a handful years, since 1272. And was enjoying my first stay at Fogwald,when suddenly all the birds of the forest squeaked and went airborne. And out from the backroom came a staggering Deepminded, mumbling something about a horror setting its foot at Midgard. She told me I had to travel to Ashenhall, through the pale orange door in her Eight Door Wall. I began to ask, and she interrupted, “Just do it, Now!”.

I remember opening the door and staring into the Astral, looking back at her I saw tears streaming her cheeks. Then I was sucked into the void and merely stood there, staring at a mist of coloured shades and shimmering roads, paths, and what looked like humanoids passing by -some seemingly aware of me -yet far away. When my foot touched something odd, almost physical. Looking down I noticed a small lamp… one of those them nasty Kinoblin always had belted. I picked up and looking at it, a face looked right back at me. A face I oddly enough recognized, as I had seen it years before. In the belt of a Kinoblin smacking my skull with it’s totenslaeger. I could hear it’s voice inside my head, “Ashenhall, hurry”.

I looked ahead and thought of the castle, and the Astral began to move. And with a distant chime, I found myself walking out a large mirror -in a really creepy room.

What on earth and astral, you must come from Fogwald?

Yes, and I believe this is you’r, family…?“And I was right, the soul inside the lamp was indeed a kinsman of the Reborn. From then on the Invasion overshadowed everything else and so much blood was spilled and lives ended. But the sacrifices was not in vain, as peace won over oppression and slavery.

Skjald Sejrik

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