BORN:  30/11 1129 FA in Bowei

RACE: Vular/Darim

REALM: Cyan Mentalism

AURA: Violet

HEIGHT: 188 cm




1st Skjald


Without doubt, the most skilled of the current Skjalds is alive.

Skjald Vinotis



Fourth Age

Ulrich is the wisest and does, like Valgrif, tend to be so short-worded that the essence stands out. Yet he does add a certain warmth to it, due to his emphatic phrasing and hints of joy in between lines. Only Ulrich’s long friendship and deep talks with Wrekazi, Deepminded, Kanziganthir, Zizu, and Black Oak keep him ahead of Valgrif.

Skjald El Mary


Ulrich was born at Bear Island, south of Bowei, and told me he could see the misty clouded silhouette of The Rim every time he went outside the family’s damp shack, seldom to play, but mostly to either herd the sheep or join the egg collecting at the cliff sides. Being lowered down on a thin rope, with only the egg basket as a companion, was something that hardened every child. I do recall the feeling of dangling at a mountain climber rope, so I knew what he meant. It was something that shaped his future ignorance of dangers as well. Thus, he is one of the Skjalds who has recorded the most first-hand events; all he lacks to trump me in excitement is a trip to Outlands. He personally did lead a small band of guerrillas in warfare against the Kinoblins occupying island of Piecao in a two-year time-span, up to the High Kings victory, where they boldly routed the hastily departing Kinoblins who rushed for their Junks.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard


At the great Horde gathering, held by king Zizu, in 1155 at Ashenhall, Ulrich was one of the hirdsmen coming along with the kings of Dalip, and to his luck, he was asked to confirm something by one of the kings, knowing he was wise in matters of more than melee. As he started to recite known Dalip lore and previous rulings at their gatherings to answer the question, More asked for elaborations and double-proofing, to which he gave brief, precise answers. To the joy of some and the slight dismay of others, as is always with state matters,.

Later that day, he was approached by the Skjalds, asking if he would care to become one of the circles. Of course he had to pass their testing, but they had a good feeling about his abilities. He accepted, and later that year, at their own gathering, he performed and entered their ranks.

As time goes by, and with the loss of Skjald comrades like Red Hans, Scratchy Knut, Knud the Bald and more, the weight of time and mortality has begun to show in the eyes of the merry fiddler. And I’m beginning to wonder when he will retire to The Deep Inn or a similar place.

Skjald Valgrif



Ulrich is a multifaceted character embodying the essence of a servant, sage, ruler, explorer, carer, and and mentHe radiates compassion, dedicates himself to uplifting others, and fosters harmony. His wisdom guides those around him, offering insight and perspective on complex matters. He naturally assumes leadership, making decisions that uphold order and structure. He values stability and offers purpose to those who follow his lead. He thrives on new experiences and challenges, inspiring others to venture beyond their comfort zones. His nurturing nature provides unwavering support and healing comfort to those in need. And he imparts wisdom and guidance, acting as a beacon of inspiration and knowledge for those on their journey.

Strengths: innate compassion and willingness to help. Thrives on supporting and uplifting others. Creates a sense of unity and harmony within groups. Acts as a reliable and selfless presence. Deep wisdom and insight into complex matters. Often sought out for guidance and advice. Values knowledge and intellectual growth. Inspires others through their perspective and understanding. Strong leadership skills and a commanding presence. Effective decision-making and ability to manage resources. Values order, stability, and structure. Provides direction and purpose for others. Thrives on curiosity and a desire for new experiences. Fearless in the face of the unknown and challenges. Encourages others to step out of their comfort zones. Values personal growth and self-discovery. Deep empathy and a nurturing nature. Provides support and care to others unconditionally. Creates a sense of safety and well-being for loved ones. Acts as a source of comfort and healing. Guiding and teaching others with wisdom and experience. Acts as a role model and source of inspiration. Supports the growth and development of those around them. Fosters a sense of respect and admiration from others.

Challenges: tendency to prioritise others’ needs over personal well-being. Risk of being taken advantage of or overlooked. I could struggle with setting boundaries and saying no. May neglect their own aspirations while focusing on others. Tendency to become detached from emotions and practical matters. Risk of overthinking and analysing, leading to indecision. Could struggle with connecting on an emotional level with others. May be perceived as distant or inaccessible due to their wisdom. Risk of becoming overly controlling or authoritarian. Tendency to isolate oneself from differing perspectives. I could struggle with delegating tasks and trusting others. May feel burdened by the weight of responsibility and expectations. Tendency to become restless or impulsive in search of novelty. May struggle with commitment and routine. Risk of pursuing danger for excitement’s sake. Could experience difficulty with long-term planning. Risk of neglecting their own needs while focusing on others. Tendency to take on too much responsibility for others’ well-being. Could experience burnout from continuous giving without replenishing. Might struggle with setting boundaries and saying no. Tendency to become overly invested in others’ paths and outcomes. Risk of being seen as preachy or patronizing. I could struggle with letting go and allowing others to make mistakes. May experience frustration when advice is not heeded.

In the persona of ‘Ulrich’, his archetypal qualities blend together to create a multi-dimensional character. He embodies nurturing compassion, wisdom, leadership, curiosity, and the desire to guide and support others. His journey is one of selfless service, growth, and empowerment.

In essence, Ulrich’s character encapsulates a blend of archetypal qualities that reflect leadership, wisdom, empathy, and growth. His presence is a testament to the power of serving, guiding, and inspiring others, leaving a lasting impact on the lives he touches.

Skjald Sigurd



Capable of tremendeous Mana Outburst.

Skjald Kazumix

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