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“Once we couldent even stand upright, now we match the Gods…”

Skjald Yell'a'Beard



In the beginning there was as such no definition of skills or their level, performing ones tasks where simply done to the best. Then individuals began to notice that others excelled in some areas and used them for those tasks, meanwhile improving in others themselves -if at all. This specialization and studies of general beginners level as well as what was possible. Led to the Skill system described below.

Skjald Valgrif



Skills are what beings can do, a myriad of definitions, set in groups as some are somewhat equal;

Academic, Animal, Armour, Athletics, Combat, General, Magical, Perception, Social, Survival

Skills in each of these groups, albeit unique, are somewhat similar regarding tool handling, stamina usage, focusing, etc. So, as one becomes more and more adapt, one not only improve in said skill, but in the entire group of similar skills. The adaptness or mastery level, are not due to skill group but each separate skill.

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The completely untrained and selftaught individual has Skills between 1 to 49.

Apprentice (I)

Skill between 50 up to 174.

Novice (II)

Skill from 175 up to 299.

Journeyman (III)

Skill from 300 up to 424.

Chief (IV)

Skill from 425 up to 549.

Master (V)

Skill from 550 up to 674.

Lord (VI)

Skill from 675 up to 799.

Overlord (VII)

Skill from 800 up to 924.

Grand lord (VII)

Skill from 925 up to 1000.

Skjald Sigurd


Skills, cover as mentioned many different ways of interactions. These can be put into two groups, Learned and Taught ones that are considered Primary, Secondary or Tertiary to an individuals daily life.. They all again, can be placed into threes groups, as we consider some Skills Primary for a being in our World, others Secondary and again some are Tertiary, as listed here;

Primary Delevoped Skills

Armour: Maneuvering in fur, Maneuvering in soft leather

Athlectics: Climbing, Tumbling

Combat: Blades, Edged, Blunt, Bows, Slings

General: Fletching, Leatherworking, Rope Mastery, Skiing, Skinning, Wood Working

Perception: Fauna lore, Flora lore, Perception, Region lore, Tracking

Social: Singing, Tale telling

Survival: Trading, Begging, Cookery, Foraging, Gambling, Hunting, Stalk & hide

Secondary Developed Skills

Academic: Administration, Alchemy

Animal:  Driving, Riding

Armour: Maneuvering in Hard Leather, Maneuvering in chain

Athlectics: Acrobatics, Dance, Grappling hook, Jumping, Rowing, Swimming

Combat: 2 Weapon Combination, Poles

General: Boat Pilot, Loading, Horticulture, Painting, Sailing, Stone-Working

Magical: Faerie Lore

Perception: Appraisal, Armour evaluation, Herb lore, Weapon evaluation

Social: Acting, Bribery, Interrogation, Leadership, Public speaking, Sculpting, Seduction

Survival: Caving, First Aid, Fishing, Streetwise, Subduing, Trap building, Trickery

Tertiary Developed Skills

Animal: Animal Healing

Armour: Maneuvering in Plate

Athletics: Juggling, Rappelling

Combat: Frenzy, Lancing

General: Mapping

Magical: Attunement

Perception: Bone Lore, Metal lore, Skin Lore, Stone lore, Symbol lore, Wood lore

Social: Diplomacy, Military organization

Survival: Pick pocket, Poison lore


Other skills are as such considered to be learned best if taught, as self-learning can delevop some bad habits, unpreferred rythms, non fluid moves, etc. Thus, these Skills are best if taught by a skilled teacher.

Primary Learned Skills

Animal: Animal Handling, Herding

Athlecthics: Athletic Games

Combat: Brawling

General: Drafting

Magic: Astravel, Hand Weaving, Magical Path Acquisition

Social: Racial history

Secondary Developed Skills

Academic: Butchery

Survival: Heraldry, Navigation, Star-Gazing, Weather-Watching

Animal: Animal Training

Combat: Ambush, Crossbows, Shields

General: Contortions, Disguise, Dowsing, Camouflage, Falsification, Gimmickry, Scrounge, Smithing

Magical: Macic Rituals, Runes

Perception: Direction sense, Lock lore

Social: Play Instrument.

Survival: Pick locks

Tertiary Developed Skills

Academic: Mathematics, Architecture, Diagnostics, Engineering, Missile Artillery, Second Aid, Siege Engineering, Surgery, Tactics

Animal: Beast Master

Combat: Silent Kill

General: Mechanisation, Mining, Signalling, Surveillance

Magical: Directed Spells, Divination, Magical Language, Spell Mastery

Social: Tactical games

Survival: Midwifery

Skjald Vinotis



If not using their Skills, characters slowly becomes dull and less accurate, this decay can though not go below the current Rank and can be prevented by using that or Skills within its Group.

Skjald El Mary

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