“Legendary Items are created by the greatest Smidhr, in the centre of Mt. Vula.”

Skjald El Mary



Gathering Raw meterials for refinement has been done since the World came to be. One could argue that the first boiled or roasted fish, the first prepared vegetable, or the first worn fur were the first crafts. So… when it began, it was unknown and uncertain, but today’s crafting is much more complex than the crude work of the Dark Ages.

As good as anyone can make crude and simple things to sustain daily life, at some point, they just need to be better, or an individual with talen is spotted. These are taking crafting beyond rag-tag stuff and starting their climb up the crafting system ranks. Ranking is defined by Crafters and Skills. and normally starts at Apprentice and raises to Lord or more. Crafting sees its greatest unfold at Mt. Vula, in which many sidecaves open out into ‘Crafters Heaven’—an immense crater where swirling Mana forms a rooftop, blocking sunlight from pouring into our world. As it swirls down, it slowly crystallises, and the weight forces it downward and out at the great centre pillar.

The rim of every colour cracks and breaks like a glazier, tumbling down into the steaming heads of Lava Imps. Making them come alive with sizzling tongues and gleaming eyes for a while, aiding whatever works at the forges and anvils. Running out of energy, they return to the piller once more, but not at the same colour they rose from, until they have rested at all other colours.

Skjald Ulrich



Its worth noting that crafting can be both a resource, an item, or really complex objects.

Rag Tags (0)

They aren’t part of the crafting system, but they can use recipes from 1 up to 49.

Apprentice (I)

Recipes from 50 up to 174.

Novice (II)

Recipes from 175 up to 299.

Journeyman (III)

Recipes from 300 up to 424.

Chief (IV)

Recipes from 425 up to 549.

Master (V)

Recipes from 550 up to 674.

Lord (VI)

Recipes from 675 up to 799.

Overlord (VII)

Recipes from 800 up to 924.

Grand lord (VIII)

Recipes from 925 up to 1000.

Skjald Sigurd


When crafting, it’s normally one of these:

  • Resource: Are the results of refinement of a Raw material.
  • Item: the alteration of resource(s) into an item
  • Object: The merge of items into an object

Crafted items have an average purity of the raw materials used, up to the skill of the crafter. Crafted objects similarly have an average purity of items used, up to the skill of the crafter. Thus, don’t give the purest raws or items to an apprentice. Enhancers can’t add more energy to an object than its purity or their skill rank. Thus, don’t waste the best on a low-ranked enhancer.



Crafting can suddenly be aided by one of the Gods.

Skjald Valgrif


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