From lithe to muscular

Height: (cm)

Females: 150-350

Males: 150-350

Weight: (kg)

Females: 50-200

Males: 55-250

Lifespan: (yr)

Females: –

Males: –













“Lastborn of the Divine yet with the strongest urge to manipulate World, Astral and all Races. Willingly teaching what they know with one hand while grabbing discoveries for themselves, if it can aid them in their internal struggle.”

Skjald El Mary



Suddenly blinks… swirls… a pattern…

Spinning in growing force… and sound…

Mighty energies contracted… and gods came around!

Skjald Kazumix


When the Boriac connected the myriad of things found in The Void by Astral links, and in an early crude form, began to use these links for Astravel, They never imagined that these links would become a very annoying factor to deal with, but that’s the Astral in a nutshell.

As the Boriac began to use the links for their revisits rather than traverse the void, the links gained directional momentum, gravity, and an odd swirl. While roaming the void and studying findings, the continued growing swirls went unnoticed by Boriacs, as did the intensified pulsing of link paths, where they were close or intersected. It was not until their mass and swirl made them grow and begin to retract their length that Boriacs noticed it. Yet, as they didn’t fully understand what was going on, they enhanced the process of Gods being born by aiding the retractions and giving intersections more mass and momentum.

At some point, Boriac and Vornir decided that they should try to remedy a couple of things in one sweep. The void had become a chaotic mess of opposite things being short-link neighbours. Mana was swirling away or breaking off as Magic Shards everywhere. It took its toll to remember where things were located and much more. After brief talks with Wickeryadi and Thursar, they decided to use the Void Gardens as a physical carpet and wrap the Astral inside it.

As the pulsing Astral Sea intersections gained a large burst of energies, that was the actual birth of the gods. The already whimsical minds and swirling moods of the links had already gained the ability to influence those who passed, and they grew in momentum and usage. Also, Boriacs taught those of the races they found how to Astravel. Ensured a growing flow of traffic and thus momentum, which eventually led to the mindful intersections being able to accommodate and aid travellers, so even more would prefer using their path. Thus, this chaotic carpet of connecting threads has urged for individual growth and power for a very long time.

Uncertain which was first, it ended, as we know. They became able to manifest themselves as physical beings, drawing energy directly from their astral link. Some, more than others, enforce their urge for more energy, traffic, and praise in our world as well. Thus, they often disguise themselves as Mortals and interact with Crafters or try in similar ways to strengthen their divine image.

Skjald Vinotis



Gods are, according to themselves and the scholars, divided into 3 groups: greater, contending, and lesser gods. There are dozens, if not hundreds, but most notably are those often seen meddling with the various Organisations and Heroes of The Realm.

For the sake of clarity, I here list them grouped into their respective colours, and only the most notable of the lesser

Colour: Cyan
Mumra Greater God of Mind
Avandii Contender God of Awareness
Flokil Lesser God of Inspiration

The Colour Realm of Cyan spans both Essence and Channelling. and Mentalism

Colour: Green
Babusla Greater Goddess of Spring
Ostrim Contender Goddess of Birth
Rebun Lesser Goddess of Growth

The Colour Realm of Green spans both channelling and mentalism.

Colour: Yellow
Gulmur Greater God of Heaven
Ehmdali Contender God of Justice
Ravali Lesser God of Truth

The Colour Realm of Yellow spans both channelling and mentalism.

Colour: Orange
Natiha Greater Goddess of Summer
Vorril Contender Goddess of Peace
Forsato Lesser Goddess of Joy

The Colour Realm of Orange, spans both Channelling and Mentalism

Colour: Red
Kaganthi Greater God of Body
Wultar Contender God of Strength
Sejr Lesser God of War

The Colour Realm of Red, spans both Essence, Channelling and Mentalism

Colour: Pink
Nertilu Greater Goddess of Autumn
Halvio Contender Goddess of Herding
Lamuro Lesser Goddess of Hunting

The Colour Realm of Pink, spans both Essence and Mentalism

Colour: Violet
Zazkar Greater God of Earth
Relagin Contender God of Crafting
Begur Lesser God of Alchemy

The Colour Realm of Violet, spans both Essence and Mentalism

Colour: Blue
Bylgi Greater Goddess of Winter
Murf Contender Goddess of Death
Borrom Lesser Goddess of Magic

The Colour Realm of Blue, spans both Essence and Mentalism

Skjald Vinotis


It’s said that Gods are half the ancestors of the Wanderers; the other Human part is unclear. It could be Archaic. but that would mean they also lived beyond The Rim.

Skjald El Mary



Gods are fed by energies, be they thoughts, prayers, or sacrifices. It’s possible to strengthen ones ties with a god or divine realm by sacrificing Resources, Raw Materials, Items, Objects, Flora, Fauna, and whatever one decides to send ‘their way’. The amount of energies sent and faction gains depends on the amount and Purity of the sacrifice.

It’s generally due to the amount of energy sent that one can receive an unexpected, unearned, or sudden gain or advantage. But gods are rather whimsical, so ‘windfall’ has evolved as the common term for their return of support, and if one receives such, it is most likely more in the gods overall favour.

Skjald Sejrik



The gods have an odd sense of humour, or is it really just part of the existence of all other races to endure their whims and tests? Anyway, it’s a known fact that just as they aid with power, they also allow power to be used towards themselves. They are thought to have such power that we have never heard of one being killed by mortal races, so when they Bend the Knee, they merely honour the wits, guts, and force of those attacking them in what is known as a raid. During these tests, other gods or servants might appear, trying to aid their god.

When the god feels defeated, it bends the knee, where they generally knock back all attackers, expecting them to honour the submission to the deed and receive gifts and tokens of respect, known as Loot. Should attackers choose to raise up and continue the raid in hope for greater glory and loot beyond comprehension, the God will rage, most likely disperse its human form, and release a large Mana Burst suck everyone into its own domain, where it most likely will consume them all.

Skjald Vinotis



Gods struggle internally… so beware who you praise.

Skjald Kazumix


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