From lithe to muscular

Height: (cm)

Females: 150-350

Males: 150-350

Weight: (kg)

Females: 50-200

Males: 55-250

Lifespan: (yr)

Females: –

Males: –










  • Babusla
  • Bylgi
  • Gulmur
  • Kaganthi
  • Shabuni
  • Mumra
  • Nertilu
  • Natiha


  • Avandii
  • Ehmdali
  • Halvio
  • Murf
  • Ostrim
  • Relagin
  • Vorril
  • Wultar


  • Bergur
  • Borrom
  • Flokil
  • Forsato
  • Lamuro
  • Ravali
  • Rebun
  • Sejr


“Lastborn of the divine yet with the strongest urge to manipulate WorldAstral and all races. They willingly teach what they know with one hand meanwhile grabbing discoveries for themselves if it can aid them in their internal struggle.”

Skjald El Mary



Suddenly twirls… blinks… became a pattern…

Spinning with growing force… and sound…

Mighty energies contracted.. and Gods came around…

Skjald Kazumix



Gods are, according to themselves and the Scholars divided into 3 groups; Greater, Contender and Lesser gods. There are dozens, if not hundreds, but most notably are those often seen meddling with the various Organizations and Heroes of The Realm.

For the sake of clarity I list them here grouped into their respective Colour, and only the most notablely of the Lesser

Colour: Cyan
Mumra: Greater God of Mind
Avandii: Contender God of Awareness
Flokil: Lesser God of Inspiration

The Colour Realm of Cyan, span both Essence, Channelling and Mentalism

Colour: Green
Babusla: Greater Goddess of Spring
Ostrim: Contender Goddess of Birth
Rebun: Lesser Goddess of Growth

The Colour Realm of Green, span both Channelling and Mentalism

Colour: Yellow
Gulmur: Greater God of Heaven
Ehmdali: Contender God of Justice
Ravali: Lesser God of Truth

The Colour Realm of Yellow, span both Channelling and Mentalism

Colour: Orange
Natiha: Greater Goddess of Summer
Halvio: Contender Goddess of Herding
Forsato: Lesser Goddess of War

The Colour Realm of Orange, span both Channelling and Mentalism

Colour: Red
Kaganthi: Greater God of Body
Wultar: Contender God of Strength
Sejr: Lesser God of Joy

The Colour Realm of Red, span both EssenceChannelling and Mentalism

Colour: Pink
Nertilu: Greater Goddess of Autumn
Murf: Contender Goddess of Death
Lamuro: Lesser Goddess of Hunting

The Colour Realm of Pink, span both Essence and Mentalism

Colour: Violet
Shabuni: Greater God of Earth
Relagin: Contender God of Crafting
Bergur: Lesser God of Alchemy

The Colour Realm of Violet, span both Essence and Mentalism

Colour: Blue
Bylgi: Greater Goddess of Winter
Vorril: Contender Goddess of Peace
Borrom: Lesser Goddess of Magic

The Colour Realm of Blue, span both Essence and Mentalism

Skjald Vinotis


Its said that Gods are half the ancestors to the Wanderers, the other Human part is unclear. It could be Archaic but that would mean they also lived beyond The Rim.

Skjald El Mary


Most people froze and children shuddered when a Kobold, Kinoblin or Minotaur entered a village and even the sturdiest guard or trader clearly showed their discomfort when such one approached them. While others, accustomed to dealing or working with other Races merely had a merry smile at others restlessness, and easily went into cosy chat or deep business with their counterpart. The Great Invasion made these factors even more visible, and Common folk have begun fleeing the scene whenever any racial creature but a Human show up, meanwhile those accustomed to the other races merely base their actions upon one simple question; is the ‘creature’ one of the hostile races or is it one of the friendly ones? This is a fact that has cost many a being from the other races it’s life, despite its intentions, and many a Human from the renegade or traitor.

Skjald Valgrif


I find it odd though, that the tall dark sticks of northern Findon, and hairy muscle-mountains of southern West Fjella, despite all our diversity and sprawled looks, have that little insight and respect for the other Races. I mean, we Human do after all cover all of  The Realm, leaving very little room for others to act as they would like. But oddly enough, they seem to accept this.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard



Often disguise themselves as mortals and interfere with craftsmen.

Skjald Sejrik

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