Mana Carcass


“Looking at the twins, she where puzzled that one was sweating and the other was grinning meanwhile moving fingers as ready to let loose again…”

Skjald Ulrich



At some point in the First Age, Lania Knuttil, mother of the twins Boris Garbojes and Betty Trebuje. Where secretly teaching them to manipulate World and Astral energies, and where quite surprised  how one seemingly ran out of avaliable energies quickly meanwhole the other had no trouble continuing to let loose.

After quite some testing she figured that each person had a different storage capacity for excess amounts from the Mana Sea. So she turned to other casters, thus revealing herselv and ger twins. Luckily she found the right people and within a year. Study and teachings about a persons Mana storage becace a separate field of todays Academies.

Skjald El Mary



Carcass storage consist of a series of physical and mental exercises, allowing one to further enhance the burst amounts in Mana Manipulation.


Skjald Sigurd



They are exceptionally rare, but individuals exist, which seekingly can’t run dry and has unlimited drain and outburst abilities.

Skjald Vinotis

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