Mana Burst



The limit others had as to how much energy a Mana Carcass could release without dissolving It was nothing that troubled the girl; she just released a tsunami after a tsunami of energy, leaving the Magic School ever more ruined.

Skjald Sigurd



There seems to be a limit to how much energy a mana cass can release without dissolving. This knowledge goes all the way back to the early First Age. and teachers tell Apprentices about this at an early stage. Both for the students sake and also for the environments.

Far too often has an untaught or unskilled Mana Manipulator tried to release beyond limits and thus sent their own Mana health or mind along. Resulting in not only a crumbling mana manipulator but also a burst going out of control, resulting in reality warpings or outright cathastrophes.

Skjald Ulrich



A mana burst involves the ability to manage and release large quantities of mana in a single, powerful discharge, akin to a magical explosion. This requires a delicate balance to prevent the depletion of the caster’s soul or the detriment to their health. It’s a skill that combines precision, control, and an understanding of the mana manipulator’s own limits. It’s important to stay within one’s limits, as every Mana Thread in the Mana Flow drains the mana carcass. Thus, apprentices are taught the Magic Paths in steps.

Constitution in plenitude is essential for Mana Burst. It provides the physical resilience needed to endure the strain that comes with the rapid release of mana. It guards against the potential backlash that could harm the caster’s health.

Presence is the mental fortitude required for a mana burst. It involves a commanding force of will, allowing the caster to direct and control the explosive release of mana. Presence also influences how effectively the mana influences the surrounding environment.

Wisdom in the context of a mana burst involves a deep understanding of the consequences of releasing such potent magical energy. A wise manipulator knows how to harness the mana without causing irreparable damage to themselves or their surroundings.

Skjald Vinotis



One can, on purpose, release using health and mind to avoid death or such. But it is not recommended as a thread.

Skjald El Mary


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