“Everything is swirling, pulsating, and changing, yet some manage to exist there without dissolving. Mostly Divine races but mighty Heroes like Atallanti have existed there for decades and grown in power”.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard



Mana is everything, both the things and beings in our World with form and thought and the swirling thick liquid and gassy energies and things at the Astral. It is unclear to us Skjalds and the Scholars if the Divine Races also are Mana thought into their existence or if they are something more or above the floating sea of Mana.

Skjald Vinotis



Mana exists at the Astral as a sea of swirling, pulsating energies, most often referred to as the Mana Sea. When the Mana Sea leaks into our world, it does so without purpose, goal, fate, or anything similar, and it begins to contract and crystallise into Shards of energy. Any Mana Manipulator, those performing Astravel, and people of many other Professions have figured numerous ways to use these Shards—some kings even embed them into their crowns.

Shards of Mumra: Greater God of the Mind.

Colour: Cyan

Gender: Male

Stat: Empathy


Shards of Babusla: Greater Goddess of Spring.

Colour: Green

Gender: Female

Stat: Intuition


Shards of Gulmur: Greater God of Heaven.

Colour: Yellow

Gender: Male

Stat: Presence


Shards of Natiha: Greater Goddess of Summer.

Colour: Orange

Gender: Female

Stat: Wisdom


Shards of Kaganthi: Greater God of the Body.

Colour: Red

Gender: Male

Stat: Constitution


Shard of Nertilu: Greater Goddess of Autumn

Colour: Pink

Gender: Female

Stat: Dexterity


Shard of Zazkar: Greater God of Earth

Colour: Violet

Gender: Male

Stat: Strength


Shard of Bylgi: Greater Goddess of Winher

Colour: Blue

Gender: Female

Stat: Quickness


Skjald Ulrich



Somehow the crystallising in our world can, at extremely rare times, result in a multicoloured, rainbow-like shard that only a few know how to use.

Skjald Valgrif

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