“From Astral and Spirits… touched by The Bullheaded God… came a mysterious brew… creator of unholy a crew.”

Skjald Kazumix



Third age

One could argue that the followers of the bullheaded god, who in third age were raised by their Vular cousins, were the first Arisen or liches. But their resurrection was something completely different: a divinely powered necromantic Spell. Thus, we only count lich creations as those individuals who later used water or remains tainted by he Deep Blue Tsunami.

Skjald Ulrich


Fourth Age


The deep blue tsunami tainted our world with its powerful mix of astral, water, and spirits. Rain, mana crystallisation, and spirits fading lessened the effect of the tainted waters to a degree where it had no effect whatsoever. But small pools and puddles managed to remain in caves, tombs, crypts, chambers, tunnels, etc.

In one of these deep, damp, untouched places, Ghalau Kempzen of the Mawmen discovered the unique abilities of the tainted waters. In the year 11, as part of a team digging a mining tunnel, the wall and floor collapsed, and they fell down into a large cave. Ghalau landed in a pool of shimmering water, but his comrade landed on the rocks and died. Swimming to the shore, Ghalau felt as if the water pulled, dragged, tore, whispered, and screamed at him, crying for restoration and revenge. Baffeled, he sat shivering beside his dead friend, and overwhelmed by an odd feeling, he stood up and walked into the water till he was covered.

As he was drowning, he used his last breath to think and utter, “Come to me, join me, and we will walk again.” As his spirit detached, his body spasmed, and then the whispered promises took effect. A mealstrom of spirits surged through his body, tore his own apart, and he suddenly felt a calm, more vast than anything he had ever heard about or felt. Realising he was not breathing, yet not dead either, and feeling extremely revitalised, he walked out of the water. Standing beside his dead friend, he noticed two things: the waters no longer shimmered, and he could see the slowly fading Aura of his friend.

For no reason but a hunch, he pointed at the body and told its spirit to come back. To his surprise, the aura colour disappeared, and the body rose, stood lack-mouthed,  and stared at him. It was then and there that he realised what powers he had gained; it took a while longer before he figured out the prize he had paid. But he began studying what had occurred, and a few elect mawmen became his partners in an attempt to gain the powers without paying the prize.

Skjald Valgrif


Their work, however, did not go unnoticed, and as words spread about the effects of the tainted waters, the mysterious research and the rituals developed. Some people who heard about it embarked on their own expeditions to immortality. Prepared for the response of local communities and fellow Mana Manipulators, they were unprepared for the Vampire retaliation. Totally unknown to some, the unforseen hunt by vampires of all generations came as a surprise, hard battles, and final death.

Most of the time, the vampires won, although it happened that the liches won and uncovered an intriguing impact. The vampiric powers entered the spirit-empty liche’s carcass, contributing their energies. As a result of the vampyre predators, liches began hiding their philactries, securing them with traps and false or poisoned decoys.

The great gain from victories sparked a trend of liches hunting vampires. Thus, some liches now wield enormous power. Amongst the liches, those who have duelled and won over vampires are called liche-masters, and the vampires and few non-vampires, or members, of the Divine Races who have won over liches are called liche-slayers. These liche-slayers are the main targets for all liches.

Skjald Sigurd


Known liches; fourth age creation year, name, Race, and liche-title.

  • 6, Naragth Brond, Archaic
  • 11, Ghalau Kempzen, Mawmen, Lich-master
  • 76, Zaharaan and Qarait, Ughuz
  • 85, Ezrith 'Clawnail' Yagmaz, Ughuz
  • 146, Elandria Bwelemena 'the Eternal', Findograa
  • 200, Lyria 'the Ethereal' Wyghuz, Ughuz
  • 261, Thalindor Siphamandla 'the Emberheart,', Findograa
  • 312, Elarisse Duduzile 'the Whispering Shadow', Findograa
  • 379, Vaelin 'the Transcendent' Tupac, Clovincaz
  • 400, Vorak ‘the Abyssal’ Xueyaz, Ughuz
  • 421, Selene 'the Illuminated' Chasca, Clovincaz
  • 456, Drakthar Qophelo 'the Immortal', Findograa
  • 487, Darian 'the Resonant' Pacari, Clovincaz
  • 514, Lyria 'the Dreamweaver' Epunamun, Clovincaz
  • 518, Lhing Daothim, Borji
  • 566, Toren 'the Elemental Sage' Huallpa, Clovincaz
  • 606, Xian Long, Borji
  • 659, Ignarius Zenzele: 'the Infernal', , Lich-master
  • 873, Selenea Tholakele 'the Astral Weaver', Findograa, Lich-master
  • 724, Erdiga Simök, Ortagui
  • 762, Zharvok Msizi 'the Soul Binder', Findograa
  • 898, Vaelorna Busisiwe 'the Veilweaver', Findograa
  • 942, Özlen Ergû, Ortagui

Skjald El Mary



Most often, enhanced by Magic, they stand taller than their former living selves. Generally pale or greyish-skinned, although some have a blueish tint. They prefer robes, capes, wide-shouldered adornments, and towering headwear. Often they wield a large staff, a tome or two chained to the belt or held, and a dozen or more vials, pouches, bags, containers, etc.

They also have a bony look, some even to the degree where their skeletal parts are visible, as the flesh is long gone, and what little skin is but a leathery wrap of pure bone and muscle. They are capable of necromancy and illusion, so don’t think their servants or minions are far away.

Skjald Yell'a'beard



Liches have but one goal: securing their own existence by gaining as much knowledge, power, and spirits as possible. So if you plan to deal with one, prepare for a mind-blasting struggle.

Skjald Vinotis



They cannot survive in the astral.

Skjald Sejrik

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