High King


One man had a vision, and almost five decades later, through hard decisions, it became a reality—baptised in blood.

Skjald Vinotis



In 1249, after years of dedicated and at times brutal campaigning by the 1st Alliance, ending in a large bloody clash with The Torch, at Drumin's Dragonhelm's Deep. Solvarr 'Svartholtr was crowned High King of The Realm. It was repeated in a grand election ceremony in 1250 in the new city of Grimsborg, the capital of the realm.

According to certain sources, the scheming for the realm began prior to the small 1st Kings Meeting in 1208. Others lean towards Meanbones Banquet as the origin. Regardless, it became a reality. In 1266, Solvarr ‘Black Oak’ Svartholtr did not participate in the run for votes, so a new high king was elected.

Skjald Sejrik


1266 saw the crowning of the successor of The Realms father, as the lords elected Methil 'Paladin' Maniour as the 2nd High King. Metril was a just leader, far more forgiving than the rash, impetuous Black Oak, and much softer towards his rivals and foes of the realm. So he gained the mantle ‘paladin’, and bore it proudly, yet also with naivitity. So, in 1274, Metil was surprisingly outvoted in what was seen as a scandalous, yet democratic, coup.

Skjald Ulrich


Thus, in 1274, Kjertil 'Nail' Ninch was crowned the 3rd High King, due to backing by quite a large number of lesser lords and some Organisations, aiming for a puppet to steer. Kjertil indeed became a puppet, with far more dangerous interests than imagined, and under his rule, the Realm began to crack open. Eventually, in 1277, on June 1st, The Great Invasion surged forth, and Invaders killed the young High King and pilaged The Realm.

Skjald Valgrif


Years into the invasion, during the early 80’s, several kings began to exert serious pressure on the invaders, and in 1282, at the time, the 8th Fair of the Realm should have been held. A large army of kings, princes, lords, ladies, and heroes had assembled into an unstoppable force. Solvarr ‘Black Oak’ Svartholtr, one of the respected former kings still alive, was asked to once more lead, and despite his age, he accepted to one last time lead the allied forces of The Realm. He was re-crowned on a small hill beside a muddy roadcross, while thousands of battle-weary nobles roared a salute for victory.

Thus, in 1283, during his second reign as high king, Solvarr ‘Black Oak’ Svartholtr and the allied forces swept through the lands and managed to deliver vicious blows to the foes. Eventually stretching too far, they had to retreat and became prey. Finally caught between the last of all invader armies, they made a last stand at the Battle of Weeping Plains. A onslaught so insane, by so many Races, that similar has never been seen before. After this costly victory, Solvarr ‘Black Oak’ Svartholtr resigned and left the circles of power for good, leaving the High King seat vacant until the 9th Fair of the Realm in 86′.

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Despite having built Grimsborg, the high king and his inner court were almost constantly on the move. This was a practical necessity, as the size of the full court meant that local resources would be consumed quickly. The high king had properties of his own, but he would rather visit the nobles of the realm. Such a visit was not always welcome, however, as it would always be costly to the host. Thus, it was unusual for the high king to stay more than three weeks in any one place.

Every leap year, the High King attended a grand fair of The Realm, arranged by one of the Kings sworn to The Realm. When they met it was attended by members of the nobility, senior clerics, knights and burgesses, about two to three hundred men, plus their retinues and servants, for each country. Accommodating them was a large strain on some of the smaller towns. Despite the costs tied to this, the number of willing sponsors was large, as the various Guilds of the sponsors Country greatly benefited from long-distance trade concessions. At the fair, all law rulings since the last fair were discussed and, in a refined state, added to the Law of the Realm. Copies made by Scribes were handed out to all the attendees and sent to the leaders not present. Thus, the laws were binding for all on the last day of the fair.

Mid-fairs, the High King listened to the greater Hordes and various organisations, but was the sole ruler in all things.

Skjald Sejrik



At the moment, there is no High King.

Skjald Valgrif


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