Battle of Weeping Plains


1 June 1281 FA Battle ends.

1 June 1281 Cleansing Oath

2 June 1281 Cleansing Crusade



“Their final stand… every woman, child, and man…

Their final outcry… breath… sob… and blink…

There at the utmost edge… at mortality’s brink…

They drew their weapons… and as death grinned…

Tenfold Hordes and Races roared along… victorious song.”

Skjald Kazumix



The reinstated High King, Black Oak, and the Royal Advisor, Deepminded, had spent several weeks leading the retreat of the main army of the 2nd Alliance. Losing scores of banners in the rout, they willingly sacrificed themselves to delay their pursuers.

Since then, they had cut their way to Grimsborg in Bebram, lured by a vanity bait, and were ambushed by a hidden army laying in wait. They had been withdrawing through Mumak, Druoles, Pebleron, Åsodala, and out into the once fertile and lush fields of Hofrana.

But, on June 1, 1281, as they came through the passes into Hofrana, they finally saw the friendly forces they so needed, down there in the morning mists-strewn dead across the plains. And on the other side of their battered allies, towards the Deep Blue, a large army of invaders stood tall, receiving further reinforcements from scores of enemy ships.

Realising doom was upon them, they knew this was the last glorious event. Should anyone escape, to one day sing this tale, it would not be of the High Kings army dying in shame. So, the small army reordered and prepared to engage the enemies at their front, while their trailing foes began to appear at their rear and flanks.

As they spurred their tired mounts, the ranks of foot soldiers, militia, and skirmishers roared forward towards certain death. Their war cries of The Realm were suddenly growing in strength and number, echoing from forests and hills. The flanks and rears of their foes were suddenly rushed by reinforcements to the High King.

Skjald Valgrif


Hundreds of banners surged from nearby foothills and forests, smashing into the now panicking invaders. Slowly turning the tide and matching the enemy reinforcements. Then a sacred song began to raise above the battlefield noise; something in the words, something in the rhythm, made more and more people stop fighting and look bewildered at friend and foe alike.

Slowly it came to a peak, and an Undine raised a mighty gold staff towards the Deep Blue, and a single word spread like wildfire: “Kraken!” And indeed, a Kraken came and destroyed the enemy reinforcements and their morale, bringing victory to the people of the realm. So, there, the Battle of Weeping Plains ended up taking place, eventually turning the tide and ending the Great Invasion.

When that day ended, Timberwolf, who, at the will of the High King, had performed the pardoning and knighting ritual of Kaosfrog, grabbed his hand and pulled him up, and then they made almost a thousand heroes, nobility, and common house banners hear and swear what is now known as the Cleansing Oath, an oath that triggered the Cleansing Crusade.

Dang, I recall how dusty it was that day. Let’s have some ale.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard

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