BORN: 05/35 1167 FA in Mumak

RACE: Ogryl/Moss'ari

REALM: Channelling

AURA: Orange

HEIGHT: 185 cm






1167: Born

1179: Becomes a Carpenter

1184: Joins Carpenters Guild

1186: Left for: Ye Olde Zephyrs

1256: Became: Stallari

1262: Became Ceremony master

1264: Comander of Royal Rangers


“Outstanding in as good as anything he cared to delve into, a true talent by some whispered to be a God in disguise.”

Skjald El Mary



Fourth Age

Not much is known about his childhood in southern Mumak but about his being born in 1167 as Mivka in a now-lost town called Skaedii. It lay on the plains where the trade routes were east to west from Ebrar to Egral and Noriag, and north to south from Uhmzel and Bebram to Kustu. Making it a melting pot of activity, goods, and cultural input.

His father was a carpenter and his mother a skinner, so at an early age he gained an interest in valuable resources from nature. Often, he was gathering with elder kids and tracking with young hunters, improving skills rapidly. So, at the age of 12, he was apprenticed to the town’s finest carpenter, whom he out-skilled in five years. Unable to teach the lad more, the carpenter wrote a letter of recommendation to the Carpenter Guild Master of Mumak. A week later, he was assigned as their tenderer of furniture at the Royal Court.

Skjald Sigurd


Having learned what could be taught, he also took an interest in court maters and often went hunting with the noble-born. His child’s tracking knowledge and skills regarding skins and furs impressed quite a lot of high-borns, squires, and servants. So he became a popular figure in the castle, free to wander as he liked.

One day, while overseeing some rampart structures in a remote part of the castle, he suddenly heard a melee of steel against steel and loud cursing. Coming around a structure, he saw five equally dark-clad people seemingly attacking a single high-born in coloured clothes. Eyeing him, two of the dark ones cursed and charged him—one to drop dead when a thrown measuring stick penetrated his brain through the eye and the other to receive a broken neck as his lounge was evaded and Mivka passed him. With only 3 foes, the attacker killed 2 of his enemies, while the last died as he turned to flee. This was the first time Mivka met The'D Fish whom he would later be blood bonded to.

Later that evening, discussing the attack over ale and mead at a local inn, The’D Fish shouted at a couple of entering strangers to come and have a mug. It turned out it was Vinotis and Dagthorr. Both only made a stop for the night as they were on their way to visit Ye Olde Zephyrs. Both had heard some wild stories about how this Horde managed to grow in power and skills, so they wanted to see for themselves. During that evening, Mivka became more and more intrigued and decided he would travel along if they wanted company. Hearing about his deed earlier that day, they agreed. The next day, he resigned, packed what he would use, and gave the rest to the guild. When we entered Egral, The’D Fish left us for some urgent matter.

Skjald Vinotis


Entering Zapri Mivka and Dagthorr said they could feel the soil of the land welcoming them. Later that week when they stood at the gate of Ye Olde Zephyrs and asked for entry, a huge muscular Shaman came forth and told the watchmen to let Mivka, Dagthorr and Vinotis enter. It turned out it was Kanziganthir and within a few weeks Mivka and Dagthorr was accepted as brothers of the Horde.

Skjald Sejrik


Over the years, Mivka earned the nick ‘Timberwolf’ and came to react to it far more than his birth name; after all, this was the life his spirit liked. He quickly climbed the ranks of the Horde, but without care for a public role, he kept to organising things. When War'lust, Stallari of Ye Olde Zephyrs since 1250, left the Horde. The mantle of Stallari became vacant, and Timberwolf was offered it and accepted.

Despite all the turmoil caused by the severe splits and Black Oak becoming High King, Timberwolf stayed as one of the Hordes pillars. Securing their palisades and ramparts against attacks, patrolling their borders with Dagthorr and Myth, and planning Leidang against those who broke treaties or plundered their lands.

Skjald El Mary


In 1262, when Kanziganthir stepped down as ceremony master of the High King, Timberwolf held this position for two years, until Sahsnot was giving the mantle. Freeing up Timberwolf so he, appointed as Commander could form and train a core of Royal Rangers. A tile he held until 1268 when it was given to Attilla.

So, when The Great Invasion hit in 1277, he was back in Ye Olde Zephyrs acting as Stallari and a member of their Elders Council. With Black Oak, Kanziganthir, Sahsnot, The Pilgrim, War’lust and many more gone, the recent kings Woodmaster and Sjekac both gone and Wolfhowl elected as 37th king in 1254 He told me he didn’t have boring days, and somehow they sort of anticipated something was to occur, so they where prepared for the worst -or at least they thought so.

The assault was fiercer than anything any of the Hordes had ever seen before. Even the clashes between the 1st Alliance and The Torch when they fought to establish The Realm and install the institution of the High King, was child-play compared to this. They had to flee to the wilderness. But, after reforming, they joined with other surviving forces of The Realm and eventually began a long war to drive off the Invaders.

After becoming victorious 1. June 1281, Timberwolf and Kaosfrog, along with the remaining Heroes swore an oath to search The Realm and destroy any remaining Invaders. It’s unclear how many swore to the Cleansing Oath but its to be counted in hundreds, if not a thousand House Banners. So he is now wandering woodland paths to hunt and kill Invaders and traitors.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard



Able to bond with encountered wildlife creatures.

Skjald El Mary

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