2nd Alliance

1279 S.A. Created

1283 S.A. Dissolved


“The last grand alliance amongst many of theĀ Races, Nobility, Organizations and Guilds.”

Skjald Vinotis



The first indications we have about this Alliance forming is summer S.A. 1179. Where the pair of Black Oak andĀ Deepminded rode ahead of a growing army repelling Invaders and punishing traitors. Black Oak again as High King and Deepminded as Seer.

Eventually they reached Grimsborg where they where outmanouvered and had to regroup. The regroup became a rout, forcing them to withdraw for several weeks, until they reached some highland meadows where they where blocked by a large force of Invaders. There the Battle of Weeping Plains took place, eventually turning the tide and ending the Great Incasion.

Skjald Valgrif



It was led by a coinsel which had Black Oak acting as military commander and Deepminded as Seer. Beneath them was a large staff of Heroes that did many a deed.




All staff members of the 2nd Alliance… joined the Cleansing Crusade

Skjald Kazumix

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