• Finder: Janti Anmul
  • Climate: Tropical
  • Locale: Forest
  • Type:
  • Sort:
  • Available: Always 85%
  • Cost: 1 gp/ 2 gp
  • Uses: 7


“So long a Liana, so short an aid…”

Skjald Kazumix



A resourceful explorer by the name of Janti Anmul found the Hamaritt Liana. Janti set out on an expedition to the Enchanted Cascades, known for her curiosity and passion for discovering the most remote regions of the World. She first came across the elusive liana with its extraordinary healing properties in the ethereal beauty of theCascading Waterfalls.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard



Type: Liana

Leaves: Heart-shaped, glossy, leathery leaves growing in pairs on long, twining vines are a deep burgundy colour with golden veins.

Stem: Woody and strong, with a 20-foot maximum length, it wraps around trees and other supports to provide stability.

Flowers: Flowers on Hamaritts vines are bell-shaped, pendulous, ivory white, and have an alluring scent.

Root: Hamaritts are anchored to trees and the forest floor by their extensive root systems.

Bark: The stem of the hamaritt has a smooth, deep brown bark.

Skjald El Mary



The Herb can be discovered in calm and tranquil moonlit glades, frequently inside of enchanted forests in the soft light of a full moon.

Skjald Kazumix



Preparation: The liana’s leaves and flowers are combined to make a potent poultice, which must rest for four weeks after being mixed. You can dry the flowers and use them to make tisanes.

Product: Poultices and tisanes.

Use: A well-rested poultice is applied and begins to work quickly. Even 1/4 oz of the flower powder is enough to quench your thirst for the entire day.

Effect 1: Promotes faster wound healing and relieves muscle pain.

Effect 2: The same amount of water is added to 1/4 oz. It will slake thirst but does not take the place of water in the body.

Skjald Ulrich



When used as tisane, a person can still pass away from thirst, but they won’t experience it.

Skjald Sejrik



Hamaritt can be used to poison a victim who is unaware.

Skjald Vinotis

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