BORN: 30/11 1137 FA in Esly

RACE: Ogryl / Rimzir

REALM: Essence


HEIGHT: 194cm




Grandmaster Academy of Ea

Holy Star Order Silver Founder



1137 Born

1149 Shapeshifted 1st time

1155 Left with Vermurr

1164 Met Themac

1165 Met Vinotis

1165 Met Wrekazi

1166 Came to Ea

1194 Came to Ye Olde Zephyrs

1218 Wed his wife

1221 Fathered a girl

1223 Fathered a son

1232 Lost wife and children

1236 Came to Academy of Ea

1250 The Realm founded

1258 Grandmaster Academy of Ea

1277 Invasion came

1182 Cleansing Crusade


“Such talent… such tragedy… such seldom seen.”

Skjald Kazumix



Fourth Age

Born in central Esly at the shore of Gratu Plateau. He grew up with easy access to the sea, great mountains, and trade caravans from Pulvar, at the border to Oglan to Beryllon Bay in the south-eastern part of West Fjella and from Claun through Gratu Valley.

The town of his birth, Solvang, was a thriving trade centre of its own and the object of many a Mulvas Prince, due to its strategic location. So, he also had the opportunity to see political struggle first-hand as he grew.

And did he grow?! At the age of 6, he was more muscular than any of his comrades, way hairier, and had an odd fondness for wild animals, often making him wander off with them. Around the age of 12, he for the first time showed the hidden abilities buried within his blood as robbers ambushed his parents’ shop. Where thrown into frenzy, grew in size, became almost furred, and nails and teeth became tools of destruction. He was, in fact, a Shapeshifter possessed with a Bear. Fylgia.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard


The incident of his shifting chanced his life forever, as most kids then began to shun him; it was only bold brawlers trying to best him, or curious girls for the score, that came close. So he more and more preferred the company of wild animals and even beasts of nature. This went on for several years, until he was approached by a Shaman from Academy of Ea. Who had been studying the self-taught lad for a while and was impressed by how strong the Fylgia seemed. Meanwhile, Aragon used it so little, as if unaware of its potential.

Asking the lad why he was so casual towards his guest, Fylgia, Aragon replied that the residing spirit was not ‘his to use’, but merely happy it co-existed in his body. A very good answer, and maybe the sole explanation, for the extremely strong spirit lingering inside. Aragon was interested in learning more, especially from a person with the same capabilities as himself. Thus, he bade his parents farewell and journeyed with the new Teacher across West Fjella for almost 10 years. Meeting other Fylgia-possessed persons and learning to control it when situations got out of hand.

I’ve heard from Themac that he met Aragon and his teacher, Vervur Mortarr, at The Rim. Were they examining how the Mana outbursts performed at the Rim were influenced by the anti-magic and spiritual energies? Themac showed them secret paths up the mountains, so they could be as close to the top as possible. Aragon told me that he had never been that far south before or since.

Skjald Ulrich


I was in Usai, in the Port Uslur when the ship came from the south. Some workers and sailors thought that it had to be Themac, as he was the only man crazy enough to roam the Rim. This arose my interest, as I had not yet met this famous Cartographer of Ye Olde Zephyrs. But as it turned out, it was his ship, but alas, he had stayed in the misty south and only lent his ship to a couple of Shamans. They were heading for Ea and planned to go through The Grey Crevasse up into Tusla and from there sail to Ea.

I asked to tag along, and they didn’t mind, so the three of us bought provisions, and to this day, I’m glad I followed the urge to do this. Not only did I meet a hero to be, famed for many things, but as they realised, I was a Skjald, they told me many things about shamans, fylgia, Berserk, The Rim, and what they cared to share regarding their newfound friend Themac.

At the Grey Crevasse, I realised why Vervur had chosen that path. There we met up with Wrekazi. . She had so much to teach Aragon that we stayed for 2 months, during which I got to know her in more ways than one. As they were all about to move on and the time for our yearly Skjald meeting was approaching, I travelled my own way from there.

Skjald Vinotis


It’s whispered that Wrekazi taught him the secrets of Hand Weaving in return for his Truename. No one knows the origin of that rumour or if it is true, but one thing is certain: When Aragon came to Ea, at the very moment he set his foot on the shore, all the animals and beasts on the entire island fell silent, and several Shapeshifters have told me that for one short moment, it felt as if their Fylgia had abandoned them.

So rapid was his learning at this rare Earthnode that he skyrocketed up through the ranks. Some say that it was his and all the other Fylgia present that made his progress so swift.

Skjald Sejrik


Never before had they seen such a master… learning things quicker than a Sparrow fly… or a Boar snort… and he soon became a higher-ranked student… and completed his work…

Skjald Kazumix


When he decided he had learned what he could, he left the Academy of Ea and travelled to Midgard. He did this as he had once again heard of his old friend Themac and a king Black Oak of Ye Olde Zephyrs in Zapri. He told me that what especially interested him were tales of their Shaman Kanziganthir who were said to be a thousand years old. So he trotted out the gates and jumped aboard a ship. To reach that Hordes home and see for himself.

Skjald El Mary


When he reached Ye Olde Zephyrs, he soon became involved in their fighting with other lesser Hordes and ended up as one of their officers. He had a merry life and enjoyed worldly matters, spoils of battle, and the chatter around the campfire. He had a wife bearing him two kids, but they were lost in an assassination attempt. Supposedly planned by Spadig.

It was this incident that made him retract into himself, only caring for further studies of Fylgia again and, after a while, leaving for Ea Academy once again.

Skjald Sigurd


It was in the years after his family’s assassination that he became involved with the Holy Star Order. I remember meeting him and the lot, accompanied by Den Godan, in Hjortsby at the shores of Lake Lionga. At first, I thought he was glancing at me, but soon the flattering proved false, as I noticed it was the man next to me, Aragon, seemingly pondering about. And no wonder, for he surely had met Onesis Klavisson before.

Skjald El Mary


Several years later, after Black Oak became High King, Kanziganthir came and stayed with him for a while. It was during this period that the elders of Ea Academy elected Aragon as Grandmaster. Some have told me, with a blink of the eye and a slight smile, that Kanziganthir was key in their decision. After the election, Kanziganthir travelled on, and Aragon filled the new role as Grandmaster of Ea Academy as best he could.

On the day of The Great Invasion, he told me that it was the skills acquired at Ye Olde Zephyrs that saved his life. As the Aquerian countered every Fylgia and Magic attempt, they were seemingly able to keep spirits paralyzed. But with one final sleight of hand, shoulder twist, and insane spine bend, he managed to release his morning star, “Claw of Ea“. As this mighty artefact has the ability to animate its claw without a bearer’s swing, the twisted strings of Eas blood brought the claw nails up into the chattering beak-face of that nasty enemy. But how he escaped Ea only he knows, but he did, and we are now travelling the paths of The Realm. Splattering the heads of Invader and traitor alike.

Skjald Vinotis



Can go into berserk, yet remain in control of his mind.

He has a legendary artefact, the Claws of Ea.

Skjald Yell’a’Beard


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