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“Gods made this!”

Skjald Sigurd



First Age

When our World where created, the Void Garden used to create Thayri was stretched too far, so it ripped and the middle part began to sink into the inner Astral. As the Gods heard the prayers and moans of mortals, they acted swiftly and sealed the rift, then raised the lands once more.

This godly interaction is what created the mountains bordering most of Thayri, and had it not been for Boriac intervention, there would most likely be mountains  where theres now shores and deep bays, towards the sea. The godly interaction also made a special bond, between gods and Thayri, making it the Country where gods have been sighted the most.

The frequent appearance of gods has resulted in quite a large amount of religious crowds, massive sacrifices, and quite the honoured prayer. Thus, Thayri is also one of the countries that has produced the most heroes, but also quite a lot of turmoil. When the new force, Vampires, almost equalling the gods in power, appeared, a large number of people chosed to follow these, so fights broke out between gods and vampires. Eventually triggering the 1st Cataclysm, but most people merely braced themselves, and soaked up what the greater ones delivered.

Skjald Ulrich


Second Age

None foresaw the mayhem it would create though, and afterwards some of the lands to the east was lost to the sea. The sunken lands, rich on cultural treasures and known mines, has since been a divers heaven, and quite a treasure has been salvaged. Needless to say, a thriving mining culture is the foundation for most, with farmers in the central and mideastern lands, and an overweight of fishermen and crafters near the shores. Crafters and artisans also fill the houses and booths of settlements in or near passes to neighbour countries. Refining Resource, crafting and trade, made most in Thayri richer than the general people of Midgard.

Skjald El Mary


Third Age

When the Wanderers landed, they began to muscle in and settle down, mostly along the shores. Their arrival heralded a decline in godly appearences, and slowly they began to be dominant in Cities. Eventually these cities saw their downfall, when the Deep Blue Tsunami swept the lands. Two of them, was struck so hard, that they became home to Arisen as everyone died.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard


Fourth Age

Isolating the Arisen, was the immediate cure, later trade was begun with these nests of tainted ones. We think the gods had a finger in this easy contamination, and staying within their areas, but they havent confirmed. We also think, gods are the reason there never was any Liches in Thayri.

Being a traders heaven, with hundreds of small but wealthy places, and dozens of urban sites, the Age of Hordes, and The Realm, had little impact on Thayri. Only the Cleansing Crusade could be felt, as some used it to clean scores, and some to clean debts.

Now we pray for gods to walk out of The Scorched Dawn.

Skjald Ulrich




In Southwest Thayri is but Rna'tza Valley and opening up to the East the lands are dominated by Brunn'zu Heights stretching Eastward along Me'ze'noh Valley to its South and past Ka'gan'xatu a great kettle. To the East it ends in Mukzu'tur Bay.

Skjald Ulrich



The pre-invasion ruling council… upholding the Law of The Realm are gone… most selfgoverned sites… still adhere to it though…

Skjald Kazumix



Whats to say? Brawls, treasures, and great reward await at every inn…

Skjald Sejrik

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