From skinny to stocky.

Height: (cm)

Females: 100-175

Males: 105-380

Weight: (kg)

Females: 25-75


Lifespan: (yr)

Females: 95-100

Males: 100-105


Pale to dark brown.


Mostly black.



  • Denisov
  • Neander
  • Heidel
  • Herto
  • Egaster
  • Roden
  • Floren
  • Ubag
  • Antesse
  • Garectus
  • Naledi
  • Erectus
  • Missing-Links






-6000 D.A Founded the Archaic Empire

-5800 D.A. Attacked by Moss'Ari

600 F.A. Their empire collapsed




“Risen at the dawn of time, they became ancestors to most human races, yet now they are a fading breed.”

Skjald Kazumix



In the ancient tapestry of Races, the Archaic emerge—a people whose origin stories echo within the Caves of Rim-Amrad, between the realms of Amrad and The Rim. Their presence is a testament to the strength that is hewn from the very bones of the earth, a reflection of their powerful forms and their ability to achieve feats of raw power that few other races can match. Within their rugged existence, the Archaic stand as a living tribute to the primal forces of nature, a harmonious dance between man and the elements.

Bearing strong bones and muscles honed by the crucible of their environment, the Archaic traverse their world with a power that is both awe-inspiring and humbling. Their prowess, evident in their physicality, speaks of a deep connection to the land and a bond with the raw essence of strength. Their uncaring attitude towards Craftsmanship and Alchemy is not born of indifference but rather a reverence for nature’s design, believing that the world is best left to its own devices. As such, they are exceptional Hunters and Trackers Skills that have been honed through generations of coexistence with the land.

Within the heart of their society, a tapestry of abilities unfolds. Exceptional Shamans arise from their midst, guardians of a knowledge that resonates with the Spirits of the World. These shamans, bridging the gap between the physical and the spiritual, hold a deep wisdom that goes beyond the surface perception of their abilities. The Archaic, often dismissed by some as dim-witted, defy such stereotypes through their skilled Herbalists, Animists, and a rare Mana Manipulator. A testament to the breadth of their intellect and the depths of their understanding.

Their settlements, scattered throughout Dalip, stand remote or disconnected from those of all other races. The Archaic’s relationship with their surroundings is one of profound harmony, a dance that weaves them into the very fabric of the land. This harmony, however, is disrupted by the attempts of the Vular to bend and twist reality—a discord that the Archaic perceive as a violation of the natural order.

In the mosaic of their society, the Archaic live in settlements that hum with life, each one tending to its own unique rhythms. These settlements, while remote, harbour a strong sense of purpose and unity as individuals come together to build lives that mirror the dance of the earth. Their hands, accustomed to hard labour, are often sought after as hired hands by other races; their work is a reflection of their resilience and strength.

Within their society, a select few amongst their Upper class or Traders wield the language of High-Arlinean to some extent. This Linguistic bridge mirrors their commitment to understanding the world beyond the boundaries of their Settlements, a testament to their adaptability and willingness to forge connections.

In a world where the ancient echoes intermingle with the songs of the present, where the land’s wisdom is etched in every stone and every gust of wind, the Archaic stride forth—a symphony of raw power, unity with nature, and a reverence for the world’s design. With every step they take, the very earth itself seems to resonate, a tribute to their profound connection with the land, the elements, and the boundless strength that resides within them, for they are the embodiment of primal forces, wisdom, and a legacy that harkens back to the dawn of time.

Skjald Sejrik



It is being said that it was the Archaic who erected the Astral Site/Gates, hired by the Boriac, due to their resilience towards Magic. Scholars have begun debating if this is an indication that Boriac came from the south and wanted swift travel across the isles. A theory that has gained sustained momentum after Sessy reported that across The Rim there is Astral Site/Gate far older than those up here. The Scholars hope to one day be able to confirm this with a Boriac, but they shun mortals, and as such, they haven’t been seen since they stepped out of the Astral and sank Ljostari.

Some say that it was this tampering with nature that brought along the war with the Moss'Ari. Eventually leading to the split of the two and separating them totally from their common Ogryl offspring.

It is considered the oldest of the Indigenous tribes, dating back to before any knowledge of tribe mixing. Their oral legend says they originated from the Caves of Rim-Arad on the peninsula south of East Fjella and West Fjella. They are strong-boned and very muscular people capable of feats of strength that few other races can match. They are generally considered uncaring for Crafting, Alchemy, and Engineering and rely more on things going as intended by nature. Thus, they are very good hunters and trackers, and they have fostered some exceptional shamans. Many consider them dim-witted, but don’t mistake their relaxed attitude towards living, as they have some very skilled herbalists, animists, and magic users.

Skjald Sigurd



They are spread throughout the following Isles. and countries

MidgardGaslug, LadrisScia

Dalip: AgionBowei

West FjellaApal, ClaunEsly, Oglan

East FjellaTusla, Usai

FindonSkelop(Axni Island)

The Rim

Skjald Ulrich



Each subtribe’s organisation varies, and the more recent a subtribe, the bigger the chance that it is basically Neolitic with huts and crops and fewer nomadic tents or caves. Mostly they live in settlements, minding their own business, but they are also seen elsewhere as hired hands for very hard labour.

Most often, the early tribes are led by the strongest individual, but those originating from Antesse tend to be led by more cognitive individuals. The only oddity is that Ubags are seen to lead not only their odd Garectus twin but also mixed societies or enen warbands trotting off into war.


One of the current outstanding leaders is Eg'Noik, who has managed to form a rather large and mixed settlement in Scia.

Skjald El Mary



They are extremely resistant towards Magic, as good as ignoring Mentalism, and very resistent towards Essence. Only those with a strong Channelling have the upside towards Neander.

A few selected amongst their upper class, like Eg’Noik or gifted traders, are able to use High-Arlinean. and Vularian.

Skjald Valgrif


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