Fair of The Realm

1250 SA 1st Fair of The Realm

1254 2nd Fair of The Realm

1258 3rd Fair of The Realm

1262 4th Fair of The Realm

1266 5th Fair of The Realm

1270 6th Fair of The Realm

1274 7th Fair of The Realm

1277 The Great Invasion


“The idea was to unite us all with a Law of the Realm, to be revised and set each leap year. As this would require as many as possible of the World Nobility and elite, the Fair of the Realm was determined to be the setting.”

Skjald Vinotis



One could argue that the first fair was the meeting in 1208, the Meanbone feast, or many other gatherings, as these for sure involved discussions about The Realm. The 1st real Fair of The Realm, though, was when the 1st High King was elected and The Realm was officially founded.

Through time, there’s been 7 fairs of the realm in which there have been elected 3 high kings. Some now hope for a fourth.

Skjald Sigurd



At each Fair of The Realm, the gathered Nobility and Organisation spend the last days morning determining whos to hold the coming Fair of The Realm. The 8th Fair of the Realm was supposed to take place in Jabos.

Skjald Sejrik



Paied for by the High King and the one holding it, and adjust the Law of the Realm.

Skjald Ulrich

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