Free Traders


“Tired of Nobility and the Hordes, many merchants of the Isles and Darin stood behind and backed the Free City of Muldum.”

Skjald El Mary



They traded goods at their own discretion and prices long before the Free City of Muldum. Our guess is it has gone on as long as people have traded. But the first record hinting at some sort of ‘trade force’, goes back to 853 SA. When a caravan from Fril to Ascal didn’t pay the passage fee across the border or the city entry fee as they landed in Murakkul.

The mere fact that their hired guards were, as they claimed, cheaper than paying passage and paying tribute to sell. It was the launch of an uprising among traders Guilds and the birth of their own army of protection. They have grown ever since and were prior The Great Invasion one of the major forces to recon with.

Skjald Sejrik



They are led by a council of the most wealthy merchants in The Realm and Darin. With the High King, Lionel, and Triad Traders having consultary seats.

Their organisation works for a reasonable profit due to the distribution of goods across all countries. Allowing for their standing army of guards as well as a reason to work.

Some of the known members of the Free Traders Council were Testiculas and Longhorn before he joined Triad Traders.

Skjald Sigurd



They do not pay taxes on their trade and will pass it on to the next market if required to do so.

Skjald Vinotis

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