Second Age


“As the released forces wore off, disturbing the delicate design of the Divine Races, a new force arose.””

Skjald Vinotis



As the effects of the 1st Cataclysm wore off. the Sun and Moon had settled in their new paths and The Rim stopped growing and shifting -settling as a gargantuan equatorial mountain belt with but few passages. Many Races, who had sprung forth during the Dark Ages and First Age, either the N-Erectus or a mixture between these and the Archaic Human. Previously isolated ‘”Void Camps, abruptly forced onto isolated areas on the Worlds carpet, -began to multiply and spread and interact -thus the beginning of Second Age is also called ‘Age of Camps or ‘Age of Bands.

The Vampires at The Grey Crevasse were left alone, and the strength of the horde of mysterious T'Aurs suddenly allying with the Vampires caused the Divine Races to become more interested in the N-Erectus’ growth. Previously, they were only concerned with how the Archaic evolved and fared, as these assisted the Boriac in erecting and tending Astral Sites/Gates. And left the N-Erectus to their own devices, as they were the product of Astral tainting prior The Void entities.

They discovered facts about how the Dwarf, Fautyr, and Kobold, along with Archaic, had produced offspring such as Borji, Clovincaz, Darim, Findograa, Izir, Markian, Moss'ari, N'Aldaan, Ogryl, Ortagui, Tatongol, Utarik, and the Ughuz — seemingly of Tatongol and Borji origin.

They also gave knowledge regarding the previously undiscovered Races of Aquerian, Anurai, Kinoblin, Mammutan, Pigryn, Romasai, and Ye'til – maybe more, but we are ignorant of those. Fortunately, they, as well as other evil entities, beasts, and Monsters, dwelt far away from our camps and Towns.

Skjald Sigurd


Fortunately uninformed of those under The Rim, and distant from the evildoers in Outlands, the Races of the Isles of Midgard–as we name our part of the World north of The Rim–and Darin–a large continent landfast with The Rim to the southeast of the Isles of Midgard. Great Clans, Tribes, Hordes, nations, Countries, civilizations, kingdoms, and empires developed and disappeared as the known races prospered and multiplied.

One story, related by the Thursar, stands out among this vivid carpet of events and tales: ‘The Bullheaded God, a supposedly selfmade god of the T’Aurs. It appeared from a pass in The Rim, below East Fjella, and went straight for The Grey Crevasse.

This God was able to conceal its acts and intents from the Divine Races. It persuaded some T’Aurs of LEGIO V to accompany it, and they proceeded northward, protecting something that Archaic progeny from below The Rim desired. Why these T’Aurs did not hesitate when faced with a God escaping common people and told it to go on its own is a mystery to us all. T’Aurs, on the other hand, are a daring Race.

A few weeks later, a large Dragonheaded longboat full with Rimzir Race participants was observed plodding across The Rim’s perilous passages, disregarding all coasts and ship calls as they entered into the open sea between East Fjella and the Isle of Ljostari – going directly towards the Isle of Findon. I realise this wasn’t much on the Bullheaded God, but it’s just a historical outline. The Rimzir Dragonheaded longboat launched a new World age of migratory Vular, Jomzaar, and Rimzir Wanderers.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard



The Bullheaded God, as such, disappeared into history in comparison to the crew of the Dragonheaded longboats, who were known as ‘Ye Olde Zephyrs.’

Skjald Yell'a'Beard

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