Mana Thread



“Things existing comes from Mana, some spins into great Heroes of such impact that they shape their time”.

Skjald El Mary



Mana Threads are which most are made of, say Vornir, Boriac and maybe Thursar. Theres of course things of The Void maybe of selfspun, raw and unnamed Mana Threads maybe of something similar to Vornir, Boriac an Thursar. Regardless they have no Truename as they are from prior the Vornirs obsessive control.

Some Gods claim that once there was only The Void, then vague energies began to glow and shimmer. As time went they grew and began to drift towards each other. In a slow swirl they mixed and their multicoloured radiated throughout The Void. Then suddenly, a Female and a Male stepped into the swirling chaos. Soon others came from all Directions and they took residence in this colourfull swirling heavenly place -enjoying and toying with the shapeable colours.

Their interactions with the colours had the odd effect that the colours grew in mass and density. And at some point their place was sort of solid, but also vast so the colours began to drift away as gasses. Drifting off it crystalized and became odd Shards. Shards that when picked up and brought back… would dissolve back to swirling colours. Others had become Raw materialFloraFaunaMonster or Races.

Skjald Sejrik


Thus began the Vornir to control what drifted away, broke off and came to be. Carefully viewing the drifting colours they also began to weave at it, shaping the things to be. Shortening, extending and gently weaving colours they slowly improved their skills and experimented with what they felt the colours radiated. Thus are everything formed by a Mana Thread, shaped into what it wanted to be and having an Aura Colour telling of its inner Spirit.

Generally its only Vornir who has formed things, but we know that some Wickeryadi taught Drakk Alfar their exceptional Hand Weaving skills. And in exchange for teaching the Vornir this the Drakk Alfars where allowed to aid shaping some Mana Threads -but now how many.

One of these could have been what became the Ljost Alfar Insilnuella Eranvurtal as she had what seemed a birthgift regarding Handweaving. A gift that brought her from our World to the Astral, where she for 16 years wandered around shaping things. Then, because of her talent and skill development, she where approached by the Vornir Grand Lady Nanin Kamill le Toft and asked if she wanted to exchange knowledge.

Such where her progress that she surpassed every Drakk Alfar and where allowed to inflict her will on a lot of Mana Threads that where to become Moss'Ari.



They are organized into the 8 colours of the Magic Realm.

Skjald Sigurd



Each has a Truename… each has a Spirit… each a fate… and all dissolves in time…

Skjald Kazumix

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