BORN: 31/03 1184 FA in Hokul

RACE: Utarik

REALM:  Red Mentalism

AURA: Orange

HEIGHT: 186 cm




Jarl of Ye Olde Zephyrs



1184 Born

1197 Met creature

1202 Went to Midgard

1205 At Ye Olde Zephyrs


“One of the few Axedancers who grasped¬†Baldur's Dance, making him able to face any Monster” met.

Skjald Ulrich



Fourth Age

Born in Xibat, the great city at the centre of the Delta of Anurien. He is the youngest son of a successful portrait painter and his skilled porcelain painter wife. He saw his first sunlight in the spring of 1184, and as the youngest of four, he had plenty of time to do what he liked. So, he spent his childhood playing with the other kids, climbing the steep aqueducts, and swimming in the great Gilthant Stream.

Slowly, he grew into a tall, muscular lad in his neighbourhood’s gang of young lads, playing wars with gangs from other areas. Eventually his skills in these skirmishes caught the eye of the local city watchmen, leading the local sergeant to offer him a job as an arms boy for the city watch. He had a job filled with excellence, and within a few years, he became one of the junior watchmen. And slowly, due to what he saw and experienced, he began to change.

Skjald Vinotis


In 1197, it’s said that he, on a night watch, encountered an odd creature at one of the piers. Just as he passed the stairs leading down, his eye caught it climbing from the water, and he ran down the stairs with a large alarm. Reaching the creature, according to other watchmen, was almost 1.5 to 2 metres taller than the lad. He faced it, showing no fear, and swung his short sword at its skin, delivering little but no harm. None the less, the creature jumped back into the water and dove out of sight.

That night he had long talks with the sergeant and their captain, and it was there that he decided that sticks and knives were pretty, but one had to deliver far heavier blows if one was to handle real threats. So, the next day, he walked the town and consulted several weaponsmiths and trainers. Then he decided that his weapon of excellence should be a double-sided great axe and a great war hammer. He bought one of each, and the next day he started training those when not on duty.

In 1202, after actually slaying a handful of local creatures and monsters, he decided to quit the city watch and travel to Midgard to visit and train with the best he could find. Meeting trainers and quickly outdoing them, he soon learned of a Horde out east called Ye Olde Zephyrs. They were rumoured to have some of the best axe fighters in the whole world. So, he set his travelling and training to take him in their direction, and in 1205 he stood at their gates, and as the guardsmen blocked his entrance, he yelled at the officer at the palisades to let him in or bring their trainer.

The next day, he sat at the Rotten Rowboat gulping ale and chewing leg ‘o’ meats with newfound friends.

Skjald Ulrich


Myth became a strong warrior and Jarl of Ye Olde Zephyrs and joined them in many fights over the years. At the time of The Great Invasion, he still resided in their old village and served the initial attack on it. Later, he stood once again beside his former friends when the High King fought back the invaders, and now he walks the roads of The Realm, beating down any invader or traitor he meets.

Skjald El Mary



Tougher at mind… than most of his kind… able to feast… against ny beast…

Skjald Kazumix

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