Ye Olde Zephyrs



  • Vinole Chris



6542 SA 1st Vinole Chris

6794 SA 2nd Jorg Busk

6968 SA 3rd Mog Reso

7147 SA 4th Twibor Neva

7311 SA 5th Ribo Laur

1 TA 6th Starkodder

388 TA 7th Svein Stark

779 TA 8th Kammut Svart

1121 TA 9th Piltus Vanti

1487 TA 10th Masil Favl

1851 TA 11th Gaffi Nembul

2123 TA 12th Lombar Rost

2401 TA 13th Rasol Middis

2770 TA 14th Alval Canu

3196 TA 15th Jes Sakil

3514 TA 16th Mumril Lara

3749 TA 17th Uffar Bergir

4061 TA 18th Amra Sah

4352 TA 19th Riw 'The Wise' Kazi

4709 TA 20th Bamta List

5047 TA 21st Tedyr Nolvat

5389 TA 22ndDorvald Moss

5679 TA 23rd Kagatur Gruv

5994 TA 24th Verlur Bam

6366 TA 25th Rols Vargurr

6782 TA 26th Rolf Meddi

6990 TA 27th Karjos

7137  TA 28th Rastimar

23 FA 29th Varbjörk

174 FA 30th Vinturr

289 FA 31st Solvir

426 FA 32nd Ramtur

557 FA 33rd Skarve

606 FA 34th Tinius

698 FA 35th Ottojol

761 FA 36th Frilur Bart

809 FA 37th Ottar Lotim

892 FA 38th Roula Gifri

956 FA 39th Rico Kongi

1002 SA 40th Arti Jaggu

1058 FA 41st Wolfrich

1136 FA 42nd Lauric Svartholtr

1170 FA 43rd Black Oak 1154 –

1250 FA 44th Woodmaster 1181 –

1253 FA 45th Sjekac

1254 FA 46th Wolfhowl 1176 –



6542 SA Founded

1 TA Crossed The Rim

1 Landed at Midgard

1 Claimed land for Grindaa

1 Fought at Gonk's Field

1250 Black Oak became High King

1278 Grindaa razed by Invaders

1281 Greatly decimated in Battle of Weeping Plains


“Coming from below The Rim, the great Kanziganthir said that their travel had also been across the Astral, so maybe our World is not actually their cradle.”

Skjald Ulrich



Their annals state they were founded 800 years prior to their landfall at Midgard. It has been impossible to determine where, as none of the landmarks they describe fit any of those in the lore of the N-Erectus. Thus, we assume they originate from down below The Rim, if in our world at all. Especially as their former Lögsöumadhr, Kanziganthir, once stated that they also travelled across the Astral. Maybe this was crossing the Rim, or maybe it was crossing into our world from The Void. Uncertain of their origin, we are not doubtful of the age of this Horde, as it was without doubt founded two millennia ago.

Skjald Vinotis


In S.A. 1154, Black Oak was born in the summer with the name Solvarr Svartholtr. 2nd son to the King of Ye olde Zephyrs and ruler of Zapri. He spent the earliest years fooling around, as most other Nobles did not take positions. But in 1162, his older brother died, and he became the Crown Prince. Thus, life changed, and the burden of studies grew. Yet, eager for the challenge, he faced it head-on.

In 1169, his studies brought him to The Deep Inn at Halkistal, owned by Deepminded. He arrived the day after Kalmo had left, which Deepminded thought was a shame, as that was someone Solvarr ought to know.

Returning to Grindaa, he landed in a war between a couple of lesser Hordes, and in 1170, his father was killed in the spring, thus Black Oak became their king.

Skjald Sejrik




The Horde was led by their king and an acting council of nobility and elders. Prior to The Great Invasion they had the following members; some are considered dead as they haven’t been seen since.

Aetarnia Female Jomzaar
Alucaz Male Ortagui
Antiquities (†) Male Jomzaar
Arduvon Male Vular
Arouna Female Ortagui
Asagrim (†) Male Jomzaar
Ashtrol Male Jomzaar
Aspirro Female Jomzaar
Asuu (†) Male Jomzaar
Behastmann (†) Male Jomzaar
Belegitta Female Vular
Blodsof (†) Male Jomzaar
Bushwazz Male Jomzaar
Colruzgar Female Ortagui
Coanan (†) Male Jomzaar
Copo Sim (†) Male Jomzaar
Cottol Male Jomzaar
Darak Evolf (†) Male Jomzaar
Deathi Starri (†) Male Jomzaar
Deatmarc (†) Male Jomzaar
Diggestos Female Ortagui
Drakkiri Female Ortagui
Drakmedes Male Vular
Dude (†) Male Jomzaar
Ebrius (†) Male Jomzaar
Egotis Asund (†) Male Jomzaar
Electrummen Female Vular
Elektroden Male Ortagui
Erti (†) Male Jomzaar
Fantasia (†) Female Jomzaar
Fatgoat Male Jomzaar
Fatso Male Borji
Fle Xot  (†) Male Jomzaar
Gamgur Male Jomzaar
Gilgothis Male Jomzaar
Gnarry Female Jomzaar
Goldnug Female Jomzaar
Groark Male Jomzaar
Gutrol Male Vular
Helipawn (†) Male Jomzaar
Horrowack Male Ortagui
Hoxiline Female Ortagui
Huginn (†) Male Jomzaar
Huan Beaast (†) Male Jomzaar
Huntapoc Male Vular
Imgoza Male Jomzaar
Imza Female Ortagui
Ironotos Male Ortagui
Ironuser Male Jomzaar
Jollebink Male Jomzaar
Jollida Female Jomzaar
Keeper (†) Male Jomzaar
Khalmin Male Jomzaar
Khalmotos Female Vular
Kvultarina Female Jomzaar
Kaacia (†) Male Jomzaar
Laurentinus Male Jomzaar
Liso (†) Male Jomzaar
Maiboole Female Vular
Milanoli Female Ortagui
Molver Male Ortagui
Mulzorzar Male Vular
Nanindal Female Jomzaar
Necruelly Female Ortagui
Novudra Female Ortagui
Oathmedes Male Vular
Oatty Female Ortagui
Omaliza Female Ortagui
Omazar Male Jomzaar
Otaryl Male Vular
Pawi Female Ortagui
Pierzy Male Jomzaar
Piesto Female Jomzaar
Pomillas Female Vular
Prometheus (†) Male Jomzaar
Rafik Male Ortagui
Ragzurloc Male Ortagui
Regassa Male Vular
Riwfader (†) Male Jomzaar
Roibi Haod (†) Male Jomzaar
Seistik Male Vular
Senebkay Male Ortagui
Sharn-Mes (†) Male Jomzaar
Silsimi Male Jomzaar
Silvatus Male Vular
Skarut Male Jomzaar
Skullcracker Male Jomzaar
Skywankier (†) Male Jomzaar
Snitzella Female Ortagui
Sparda (†) Male Jomzaar
Spellbinder (†) Male Jomzaar
Spirit (†) Male Jomzaar
Stener (†) Male Jomzaar
Sthrad (†) Male Jomzaar
Stomi Male Ortagui
Sundance (†) Male Jomzaar
Svandal Male Vular
Svanoua Female Vular
Svartholtr Male Jomzaar
Svarty Male Ortagui
Svartyl Male Ortagui
Svetta Female Ortagui
Sworstone (†) Male Jomzaar
Teraminathor (†) Male Jomzaar
Tharalis Female Vular
Tor (†) Male Jomzaar
Tundrawolf (†) Male Jomzaar
Tzaramon Female Ortagui
Ulfvarinn (†) Male Jomzaar
Urdrellia Female Ortagui
Ursusar Male Jomzaar
Urzahiil Male Ortagui
Varrol Male Jomzaar
Venom (†) Male Jomzaar
Vinotis Male Vular
Warbeast (†) Male Jomzaar
Warsong  (†) Male Jomzaar
Wassimi Female Ortagui
Wolfex Male Jomzaar
Wonkel Male Ortagui
Wrolt Male Vular
Yeldeplough Male Jomzaar
Ykcir Male Vular
Zaculas Female Jomzaar
Zanitta Female Ortagui
Zanzorza Female Jomzaar

Skjald Valgrif



Behind their facade, of great political deeds and legendary acts of valor and combat Skills, lies a search and quest for something forgotten. So don’t be surprised if a member of their lot suddenly wanders off into the wilderness.

Skjald El Mary

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