BORN: 26/11 1161 FA in Thayri

RACE: Rimzir/Clovincaz

REALM: Cyan Mentalism

AURA: Cyan

HEIGHT: 193 cm




Founder of Beacons

Jarl of Ye Olde Zephyrs


Forever will this inventor of lighthouses own light shine at every shore in The Realm.”

Skjald Ulrich



Fourth Age

Baldur saw the light of night, so to speak, in the lighthouse his father had created at the tip of Gundali Peninsula stretching the cliffs of Thayri far out into Dartboi Domain. He had two elder siblings, whom he, as a child, followed into the nearby fishing village to play with the few kids his age. As time grew and these retracted into their parental trades, he began to show interest in books and scrolls. As the years passed, he also became interested in Minerals and Herbs, which he thought could be used in various innovative ways. So when not studying every tome, scroll, and parchment he could get his hands on, he roamed the shores and cliffs.

It was during these that he began to notice the amount of wreckage on the shores of Thayri. Goldar and all the way to Spiy. Thinking about all the dead crew and passengers, he began to argue with other seaside towns he visited. To build whatever lighthouses they could and, in unity, share the costs for lighthouse keepers and their families. Some towns immediately joined in; others thought it was a good idea but scoffed at the expenses. But these declines didn’t stop him, and he pursued his vision, wandering from town to town. Staying at the willing ones for short periods to help plan the lighthouses, the funding for a keeper, and finding a person capable and willing.

Slowly, lights began shining at the shores of Thayri, Goldar, Butan, and up into Shoak, into the bays and fjords of Snaw, and down into Spiy. And it was during this spread that he travelled alongside Gonk's Fjord. and in 1180 entered Zapri. There he met Tuuna who lived in a small stronghold south of Grindaa and Black Oak their king, as the first two of Ye Olde Zephyrs.

Skjald Sigurd


It’s said that Tuuna and Black Oak were sitting at the sandbanks of Lake Egzar below Tuuna’s new stronghold Skramuls Tip south of Grindaa, sharing ale and bread while discussing the fortification of the sandbanks to protect the fishing boats and nets. When Baldur strolled up to them and gave his usual friendly “Greetings, so this is where my light guided me. May I sit?”

To which Tuuna responded by jumping up and, in a floating move, placing the tip of his broadsword at Baldurs throat, meanwhile staring at the edge of Baldurs greataxe, gently resting at his nose. Baldur told me that Black Oak merely grinned and said, “Now that’s an interesting outcome. Stalemate in the first swing Jarl Tuuna, I think this lad has some skills, but let’s not test them today.”.

Skjald Ulrich


It was during his stay at Ye Olde Zephyrs that Baldur’s vision gained major momentum as Black Oak agreed to sponsor it. The main reason was that many Hordes had begun to mention an improvement in cargoes reaching their destinations and sailors end envoys reporting of more secured travels. The only downside was that rascals misused these to lure ships to sail to their destruction, but for this, Black Oak arranged with some other Hordes kings that a force be set up. It’s goal was to travel the lands, and even though he was quite capable with the greataxe, Baldur’s focus was on creating lighthouses and trying to find a way to make them beacons without burning wood. So, a Jarl named Dagthorr was given command of the force, which, based on Baldur’s reports from his growing net of lighthouses, would travel out and round up these shipwrecking vultures.

He is somewhat in the shadows, but it is said that Jarl’s Parwi 'Skywatcher' Keri's ravens were used to communicate among the lighthouses in the beginning. I’m a bit uncertain when they stopped using the Ravens, but what is certain is that Baldurs Lighthouse Flames and Lighthouse Beacons grew with great speed. And in the spring of 1228, discussing ways of making artificial flames and light sources with Lord Nam, he heard that F.F. Jaeger seemingly had found a solution to the wood issue. So, Baldur travelled to the Free City of Muldum, and when he came back, it was with a new device based on special woven rope, oil, and glass. Quickly, Lord Nam began reproducing these, and around 1236, every lighthouse had a Jaegers Eye.

Skjald El Mary


Baldur spent the next 11 years travelling Midgard and all the lesser isles. Even Darin felt his boots, smile, and, in some cases, his greataxe. So, in 1248, just 2 years prior, the crowning of the 1st High King and forming the Realm lighthouses stood along every shore of all the 9 islands.

Mission accomplished Baldur resigned as Grandmaster of Beacons and left charge of Lighthouse Flames and Lighthouse Beacons to younger, fresher men. Retiring to his grand spire at Grindaa to study alchemy and see if he somehow could make a better way to light the spires than using oil.

Some close to his work, like Dagthorr, claim he mentioned he was real close to finding a solution when The Great Invasion smashed onto Grindaa with a force previously unseen.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard


As they flooded his spire, his eyes came afire….

Light at house and foot, he ploughed their ranks…

And delivered them death, their own cargo…

But alas, too big a sea, too many waves, too hard a gush…

Into a lake utterly red, he joined the dead…

Forever to stroke, his shores like a gentle bloke…

Forever to smile, as waves break…

Skjald Kazumix

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