“It unleashed its fury… but they merely grinned…

The servants and chaos… they handled as planned…

At the Astral… it raged even further…

bewildered them, not… Loot unimaginable rain.

Skjald Kazumix



When a God is met in our World, it can be tested—some would call it attacked—to great lengths. Gods generally find these tests challenging and thus allow them to occur, but only to a certain degree. Monsters or villains are not keen on being attacked, but they are often of such power that it takes one or more Heroes or a group or crowd of commoners to deal with them. We use the term raid” to describe this handling in general.

When it came to be is uncertain, but Raid is mentioned several times in various ancient lore, describing the time after The Crossing. As these times produced an increased amount of local warlords, villains, and nests of evil, as well as an increased appearance of gods,  Wanderers being the most bold and rash of Races. It’s no wonder this brought along a term of theirs and became ours as well.

Through time, it has become clear that those who excel at combat, healing, and debuffing others are of much greater use than those who are skilled in mundane crafts. Thus, four Raider archtypes formed:


body; one with tremendeous stamina, great health, and a very muscular build.

armour; one with quality gear who is wrapped like a mountain.

evasion; one able to dodge, tumble, bend, twist, and parry swiftly.


agility; one using jumping, tumbling, counterattacks, etc.

gear; one using weapons, potions, powders, pastes, gadgets, etc.

magic; one aided by divine gods, using physical Mana Sea or the Mind.


nature; energies from the physical world and the mind.

divine; aid from gods; and use of the astral.

gear; potions, powders, pastes, and all sorts of devices.


divine; the gods aid here

physical; the Mana Sea is manipulated

mental;  singing, acting, telepathy, etc.

Skjald El Mary



As Tank, Healer, Damager, and (De)Buffer Skills are easily figured, it’s also somewhat easy to figure out if a ‘Tank’ is an Overlord, Journeyman, or mere apprentice. The skillset determines the announcement rank, and a poorly skilled comrade at the shoulder means certain defeat. Thus, most participants make sure of Raiders ranks prior to engagement.

When a raid is begun, it has three stages: normal, hard, and divine. Raids always start in normal mode, but only if the Raiders get up and ignore the Bend the Knee. and Loot. Its taken to Hard mode, where the Raiders have 2 options: making the Raided bend the knee again and thus getting Hard mode loot of even greater Purity, or letting the Raided perform its Hard mode main ritual, taking the Raid to Divine mode, where the absolute best loot ever will drop for this encounter. In some cases, it means Rainbow Shards with a purity of 1000—the best a looter can get!

Skjald Vinotis



Loot from raids is random.

Skjald Sigurd

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