This group traditionally lives below the surface of the ground or in deep hills and mountainside caves or tunnels.



Clothing and Decoration: crude wool and hide tunics with leggings and rough overcoats, short cloaks, and fur hats. The woollens are in patterns indicating the wearer’s family lines and clan.

Fears and Inabilities: superstitious and with a notable discomfort of being out into the sun.

Lifestyle: hunters, miners, and gatherers who live in extended families and reside in clan-holds. Extremely familiar with soil and rock, they are gifted miners, architects, and craftsmen.

Marriage Pattern: Monogamous, but one must marry outside the family.

Religion: Devoted to petty deities, mostly earthly spirits. Many are vaguely based on their peculiar interpretations of the “true gods.” Oral traditions are crucial to the preservation of histories and laws.



Demeanour: Suspicious, self-centred, and pugnacious, they often settle disputes by raiding, fighting, or even warring.

Prejudices: They generally dislike all others, but especially the Nomads.

Special Skills: Everyman: Caving; Restricted: None.

Standard Hobby Skills: Architecture, Stone Lore, Stone Evaluation, Mining, Stone-Crafts, Stone-Working, Caving.



Armour: Normally none or soft leather, but when going to war, they are seen donning rigid leather, chains, and plates.

Weapons: broadsword, club, dagger, handaxe, javelin, short bow, spear, cudgel.

Special Items: All available, their workmanship is somewhat crude, although it has aesthetic appeal to those with rustic tastes; it is usually of materials that do long endure (granite, iron, steel).


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