Drakk Alfar



From slim to muscular.


Females: 175-180

Males: 185-195


Females: 70-85

Males: 75-90


Females; –

Males: –


Black with blueish tint


Black, rarely white.







“Said to be older than their spirit kindred, the Ljost Alfar, but encountered last of the two. Drakk Alfar sagas tell of the birth of time and its through them we have gained insight in the birth of the Indigenous Races, whom they have aided up until the Great Betrayal as some call The Great Invasion.”

Skjald Sejrik



They live underground and thus lack the gleaming of skin and freshness of smile, though they are still considered handsome by other races and are regarded as fabulous smiths.  Their skills in Runes and smiting, herbal and plant lore, and Magic make all hunger for their artifacts and knowledge. Their magic songs and spell knowledge often allows them to walk unnoticed among humans. They dislike woods and water, and prefer the solid bones of the earth. They mostly clothe themselves in soft and rigid leather, to protect them from the sharpness of the rocks and the hardness of their labor.

Skjald  Vinotis


The millennia old Academy of Ri, in the Bay of Skelop was built at the edge of what is known as the strongest Earth node in The Realm. No other place did Magic flow stronger, faster, or more turbulent. So it was only natural to the scholars that a Teleport Site was at the very center.

Yet in all it’s history none had ever been able to activate this teleport location, nor had any known being ever emerged from it, despite some very rare claims of seeing it faintly shimmering. Thus travel to the Academy was mostly by ship, or via teleport to neighbour locations and then on horseback or by walking. So, part of the academy studies was naturally devoted to the site nick named ‘maelstrom of the gods’.

Skjald Ulrich


The skills of Drakk Alfar Crafters are legend, especially Uar Knosso Perimax, and back in time, when Ljostari sank the Mawmen taught their Magic Glass crafting skills to some Drakk Alfar. They also know the secrets of Ljosti Bronze.

Its said that one of the divine teardrops that fell outside Lake Mirror, was carved into a fabolous gem and placed in a Izno-Gold, for the Emperor of the N'Aldaan by two Dwarf and two Drakk alfar Crafters.

Skjald El Mary


Let me tell you two things, the oddest one first. I was told after the Invasion that the last day students noticed ‘maelstrom of the gods’ did shimmer faintly, was the same day the Kinoblin junk with me onboard sailed by just south of the Island. So I suspect those stunted creeps was involved in all previous connections or activation attempt of it, but I cant confirm that now that the academy is razed.

Anyways, the other thing is about The Great Invasion… naa, wait. That we can do another day. I need to talk with that lass over there…

Skjald Yell'a'Beard



Some settlements worth noting are the following:

At Findon, in Skelops Southern part. Out in the Niralla Strait lies the Axni Island where a huge amount of Drakk Alfar live. There are both what is considered normal Drakk Alfar, but the Em Ru Arran Mana Manipulators also resides there. Alongside the Drakk Alfars lives two Indigenous Archaic, some Clovincaz and one Moss'Ari Tribes. With whom they even married and thus theres also a few settlements of Half-Human living there. But generally the Isle is ruled by the Drakk Alfar and the various Common folks living at the shores and harbour towns are the link to the outside World. Thus the potent Drakk Alfar Ingredients are traded here, and outsiders are rarely welcomed further inland than these ‘Gates to the Drakks’.

At Dalip, in Amrad there are two known Drakk Alfar lokations; one at Mt. Aggnurs who at times aided in Amrads defence against raids from Bowei,  and a more isolated lot further West in Nurr Mountains.

Also at Dalip, in Agion the Drakk Alfar from Mt. Wyrrol at the border to Bowei, joined forces with Archaic, Ogryl and some Common. Beating a rather agressive coalition of Jomzaar, Indigenous and other Common Tribes, in Mopraars Marshlands.

At East Fjella, in Tusla theres at least three Drakk Alfar settlements; Bizli Top, Peak HrafniMt. Smapve and we suspect theres also one at Mt. Depol. Normally there are very secretive and don’t deal with outsiders, yet when its rumored that a Thursar is seen wandering about -at times even in the company with someone from Dawn Reborn or a commoneer. So, as they somehow become more social when travelling the lands seeking informations about the Thursars whereabouts. One can easily find one selv sharing a campfire with a Drakk Alfar in that situation.

At Markeoy in Bragurgs, where Bay of Braburg narrows and it turns into Rabuns Fjord lies Mt. Strim. In that mountain resides a large amount of Drakk Alfar as well, often dealing with the T'Aurs at Mumuarki

Skjald Ulrich



They dislike woods and water, and prefer to live in carved constructions throughout the entire World except at The Rim. Especially below ground in huge caves and cities recovering all what is possible of nature resources which they turn into artifacts of great value. Finding their domains is normally difficult and best attempted at sunset.

Skjald El Mary



Most often they take on those that find them as apprentices due to the displayed persistence and cleverness. They know all the languages of The Realm, even though each individual generally only know a dozen or so.

Skjald Valgrif



Suddenly it lit up, brighter than ever this millennia… shielding their eyes, pondering the humming as if hoofbeats… the portal suddenly flashed and a shimmering wall to another place opened… and beyond the shimmering mist a thousand eyes could be seen… teeth glittering, lips mumbling, hands wriggling, energies building up… Mana being released to such an extent that reality ripped…

Dozens of students died the very instant it opened up… scores fell lifeless and withered as energies was sucked from them… countless died shrieking as they was blasted or ripped apart… or melted, boiled, and warped by the very elements surrounding them… and then they began to organize… stand firm, counter spells, release might and force themselves… and their elders arrived…

It’s said hundreds of the Drakk Alfar died that day… but alas, they where the right tool for the task… and their vast amount gave them an upper hand… and slowly the Mages began to retreat towards the Academy… as more foes poured from the great rift tipping the tide further… So as the mages from the rest of the realm started to arrive, by horse, flight, sprint, and whatever… it was only to add to the fray at the very doorstep of the academy.

All night they fought, in coloured shines dazzling every mortal… and slowly even the sturdiest, most skilled… despite attempts of boosting powers beyond any precaution or rule, ran dry and died… leaving only the very few extremely skilled grandmasters an option to die -or flee… resulted in the academy eventually being razed… meanwhile frenzied Drakk Alfar slaughtered every being they encountered in the bay…

Skjald Kazumix


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