“The Mana Manipulator walked deeper into the cave, his Aura Colour shining brightly orange in the odd greenish light from the fungi-clad rocks. Suddenly as he maneuvered around a stalagmite he stood face to face with the ancient Monster of The Void. As it surged forward, claws out ready to rip him apart, he uttered, “Merrüllutin Aqellist, I bid you to calm down…”. At his face, the creature stopped, relaxed, and greeted him a unique welcome.”

Skjald Sejrik



In the dark ages of the Void, long before the creation of our world. Truenaming became an ancient and mystical art, practiced by enigmatic beings lingering within the astral. These entities, later known as the Vornir, were the first to harness the power of the leaking Astral and achieve sentience. As they organised themselves and established dominance over energies leaking into the Void, the concept of truenames became an integral part of their existence.

The Vornir understood the fundamental connection between names and the essence of beings and things. In the formless astral, where everything was fluid and chaotic, names held the power to define and shape existence in the void. The Vornir discovered that by giving unique names to each mana thread spawned from the mana sea, they could establish a profound connection with these threads. This connection allowed them to communicate with the threads on a fundamental level and influence their fates.

Truenames were not just arbitrary labels; they encapsulated the essence and purpose of each mana thread. The Vornir discovered that knowing the truename of a mana thread granted them a level of control and influence over its properties. This knowledge became a crucial aspect of manipulating the mana sea and crafting the foundations of their reality.

As the Vornir delved deeper into the mysteries of truenaming, they realised that the concept extended beyond their threads of mana. The living entities and things that emerged from the astral leaks bore no truenames. But knowing the truename of a creature granted Vornir and Boriac a unique advantage in their interactions with it. They tried to establish a connection, negotiate with, or even reshape the fate of these entities.

The organisation of truenames remained a mysterious aspect of the Vornir’s knowledge. Some speculated that there existed a cosmic pattern or order to how truenames were assigned, while others believed it was a chaotic and arbitrary process. The Vornir themselves have guarded this knowledge closely, passing it down through generations within their enigmatic society and sharing it with but a few.

The discovery of the truename bond was not limited to the Vornir and Boriac. Creatures from the Void, entities that similarly predated the creation of the world, also gained insight into this mystical connection. The truename bond became a universal language in the dark ages of the Void, allowing beings to communicate and interact on a profound level that transcended the limitations of the formless chaos.

In these ancient times, before the world took shape, truenaming was a sacred and powerful art, shaping the very fabric of existence in the Void and laying the groundwork for the creation of the world that would come into being through the leakage from the Astral.

Skjald El Mary



In the intricate tapestry of the world, the Vornir, beings originating from the Void, and their counterparts, the Boriac, embarked on a journey into the Astral, seeking knowledge and power. The Astral, a realm of raw magical energy, had the ability to shape and influence these beings, bestowing upon them unique attributes and a connection to truenaming.

The Vornir, deeply tainted by the energies of the Astral, reside within its depths, delving into the mysteries of truenaming and the manipulation of mana threads. Their presence in the Astral granted them insights into the very fabric of existence, and they became masters of the art of truenaming. This mastery allowed them to forge bonds with the mana threads, shape reality, and communicate with the entities that emerged from the Void.

On the other hand, the Boriac, akin to the Vornir, also entered the Astral. However, their interactions with the Astral were intermittent, as they would venture back into the Void periodically. The Boriac shared a similar fascination with truenaming, using their time in the Astral to collect and study the diverse manifestations that sprang forth. Their endeavours were motivated by a dual purpose: the pursuit of knowledge through naming and the potential for mastering things and beings.

Amidst this exploration, two opposing forces tried to maintain a semblance of order in the face of truenaming. The Thursar, masters of the inorganic, sought to preserve the purity of non-living matter. They resisted the influence of truenaming on inanimate objects, striving to keep the natural balance intact. Contrastingly, the Wickeryadi, masters of the organic, were dedicated to safeguarding the purity of living entities. They were wary of the manipulative powers of truenaming on living beings and ecosystems, aiming to protect the organic aspects of the Void from undue interference.

These four factions, the Vornir, the Boriac, the Thursar, and the Wickeryadi, existed in a delicate balance, each pursuing their own objectives within the Astral and the Void. These four factions, the Vornir, the Boriac, the Thursar, and the Wickeryadi, existed in a delicate balance, each pursuing their own objectives within the Astral and the Void. Their struggle over truenaming, created a dynamic interplay of forces. Forces that shaped the destiny of the world to come, setting the stage for the emergence of a structured reality protected from the leakage from the Astral.

Skjald Ulrich



It has been experienced that creatures from before our World. From before leaking from the Astral Things from The Void share the Truename bond.


Skjald Sigurd

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