“The Mana Manipulator walked deeper into the cave, his Aura Colour shining brightly orange in the odd greenish light from the fungi-clad rocks. Suddenly as he maneuvered around a stalagmite he stood face to face with the ancient Monster of The Void. As it surged forward, claws out ready to rip him apart, he uttered, “Merrüllutin Aqellist, I bid you to calm down…”. At his face, the creature stopped, relaxed, and greeted him a unique welcome.”

Skjald Sejrik



It has always been known, that the Vornir gives every Mana Thread spun off the Mana Sea a unique name so they can remember each from others. And that knowing this name gives one advantages such as setting it at friendly terms and an ability to redirect its fate or even reshape it. It’s what works at Ingredients and Hand Weaving. But also with the living..

Skjald El Mary



Its unclear for us all how the Vornir have organized this, if a pattern exist at all.

Skjald Ulrich



It has been experienced, that creatures from before our World. From before leaking from the Astral  was discovered. Things from The Void share the Truename bond.

Skjald Sigurd

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