Hand Weaving



As she pushed the swirling energies gently away, she noticed that they acted somewhat against her movement. Puzzled, she began weaving her hands differently towards the swirling energies. Smiling, then grinning, she noticed that it seemingly mattered how one manipulated while trying to form or dissolve.

Skjald Ulrich



Sometime back in the First Age Insilnuella Eranvurtal noticed that it mattered how she manipulated the Mana Sea swirling among her fingers. Such was her surprise that she stayed at the Astral for 16 years, forming and dissolving the Mana Sea. Its said that the Vornir noticed her and that she for a while spent time with them learning their creation technique. When she came back to our World, she taught what she learned to others, and thus, through time and practice, the school of hand weaving formed into today’s academies.

Skjald El Mary


Through time, while being taught, other Races had occasional glimpses of the weaving and dancing. In the beginning with devastating results for the unskilled Mana Manipulator, later as a common performance of things taught or perceived wrong. So the Ljost Alfar began to teach the N-Erectus, mostly to prevent disasters from uncontrolled manipulation.

Skjald Vinotis



Hand weaving consists of a series of hand, arm, and body movements unique to each Essence Magic Path and is generally accompanied by the addition of Ingredients at certain points. Allowing one to further enhance the Mana Manipulation.


It’s not only a matter of how one hand is held or used; even though both indicate defensive or aggressive manipulating, it also matters how both are used.

Skjald Sigurd



Some say that Insilnuella Eranvurtal once mentioned that she actually had touched some of the Mana Thread being spun into Moss'ari; thus, one tribe of them has pointy ears like the Ljost Alfar. I have never met her myself, but I hope she’s still alive so that I can meet her one day and ask her myself. But I must admit that I have no reason to doubt the claim.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard

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