Aura Colour




Each Colour represent an area and adhere to a group of Divine beings.

Shard of Zazkar: Greater God of Earth

Colour: Violet

Gender: Male

Stat: Strength


Shard of Bylgi: Greater Goddess of Winter.

Colour: Blue

Gender: Female



Shards of Mumra: Greater God of Mind.

Colour: Cyan

Gender: Male



Shards of Babusla: Greater Goddess of Spring.

Colour: Green

Gender: Female

Stat: Intuition


Shards of Gulmur: Greater God of Heaven.

Colour: Yellow

Gender: Male

Stat: Presence


Shards of Natiha: Greater God of Summer.

Colour: Orange

Gender: Female



Shards of Kaganthi: Greater God of Body.

Colour: Red

Gender: Male



Shard of Nertilu: Greater Goddess of Autumn.

Colour: Pink

Gender: Female

Stat: Dexterity


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