Aura Colour


  • Cyan
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Violet
  • Blue


“Every sparkle can turn into an Aura so strong that its glow are visible even for those unable to see…”

Skjald El Mary



Each Colour represent an area and adhere to a group of Divine beings.

Shard of Zazkar: Greater God of Earth

Colour: Violet

Gender: Male

Stat: Strength


Shard of Bylgi: Greater Goddess of Winter.

Colour: Blue

Gender: Female



Shards of Mumra: Greater God of Mind.

Colour: Cyan

Gender: Male



Shards of Babusla: Greater Goddess of Spring.

Colour: Green

Gender: Female

Stat: Intuition


Shards of Gulmur: Greater God of Heaven.

Colour: Yellow

Gender: Male

Stat: Presence


Shards of Natiha: Greater God of Summer.

Colour: Orange

Gender: Female



Shards of Kaganthi: Greater God of Body.

Colour: Red

Gender: Male



Shard of Nertilu: Greater Goddess of Autumn.

Colour: Pink

Gender: Female

Stat: Dexterity


Skjald Ulrich

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