The Void


“Before anything as they say, there was but The Void, dead and dormant. Yet it sprawled with things, Creatures and Other Races. Maybe all created by Mana from the Astral, as it swirled, leaked or broke off from the Astral.”

Skjald Sejrik



It was not empty, but a timeless neverending vastness filled with inanimate material and beings. That suddenly saw a sparkle of untamed energy swirl and grow. As it grew its edge at places became sort of shell and at places thinned and stretched thus its was but swirling mists. The shell at places cracked and energy under pressure leaked out into the vast Void, which began to em of life when the energies touched things already there.

Skjald El Mary


Thus some Races, Flora, Fauna, Raw material and Monster came to be. The birth and discovery of these made the Boriac travel The Void relentlessly. They connected locations and things with links to the Astravel and Races met where greeted and lore where exchanged. Some Races quickly adopted what learned others where far slower or reluctant -others even hostile. Of these some where left alone while others where eradicated totally. But slowly things in The Void evolved in the dim shine of the Astral.

Skjald Vinotis



The Void is the emptiness in which our World, the Sun and Moon rotates within. It is boundless and now its only at rare places on our World sphere that small rifts occur, leaking energy from the Astral that in rare cases can drift off to The Void. Generally Mana coming thus forth crystalize into a Magic Shard, thus did Boriac and Vornir as good as stop Mana leaking into The Void.

The creation of the sphere World resulted in a decrease of chaotic creations and thus are Boriacs a rare thing to see or encountered. The Vornir has neither been seen since the Hymn of Truenames so the Gods has increased their activities out there -away from prying eyes!

Skjald Yell'a'Beard



None of the Mortal Races can survive in The Void.

Skjald Ulrich

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