When Ljostari sank.. the Moss'ari there drank…

In tainted waters they died… so Vornir cried…

cleansing the lake… of souls so torn…

so one was reborn.

Skjald Kazumix



Kistal, a small island in Lake Mirror, is one of the world's strongest earthnodes. So, if you’re visiting, be careful with mana manipulation, since it might lead to your consumption.

Skjald Sejrik



Dark Ages

We know, from a couple of Wickeryadi, that Kistal formed where several mana links overlapped. This resulted in the birth of a Void Garden, created by astral energies and not by the Boriac.

Thus, there are no records of when Kistal sprang forth and began to grow. Nor of when a Moss’ari tribe came to live there. But they were there prior to our world, and its energies were so strong that when the void was transformed into our world, it prevailed.

Skjald Sigurd


First Age

It’s said the Moss’ari lived there in isolation throughout the entire first age, but in the 1st Cataclysm, half of it was destroyed in an energetic burst. As most of the Moss’ari died in that burst, the Vornir cried, their tears forming a lake. Thus, most of the razed Moss’ari Settlement was buried, theirshrines,s and remains forever in Vornir’s embrace.

Skjald El Mary


Second Age

A Moss’ari shaman, who had been inside their temple when the burst occurred, was somehow brought back to life when touched by the Vornir tears. Seeing their shaman, thought dead and drowned, reemerge and revitalise, the few remaining Moss’ari cheered, and they began to restore what was left of the settlement.

They collected many ancient books, scrolls, notes, items, and potions from the shimmering lake. As it was both shimmering and a treasure chest of what once was, they named it Lake Mirror. Time has shown it to be a befitting name.

Skjald Valgrif


Third Age

With the coming of the Wanderers, it was as if Kistal vanished. Blurring away itself and its Moss’ari tribe, they vanished in the mists of time. The few who had been dealing with them thought the lake had swallowed Kistal wholly, taking its secrets to its depths. Thus, Kistal lay isolated for centuries.

Skjald Ulrich


Fourth Age

If people hadn’t already shunned the lake, the rumours of the Deep Blue Tsunami, surely made people weary of its shimmering waters. So, when a few Moss’ari families in year , came rowing from Kistal to Nuldivi, it created quite a stir among the locals. The Moss’ari told of harvests gone wrong, fruit trees standing barren, and crops drying out. Blaming the earthquake three years ago for disrupting their island energies, they had chosen to leave, but their old shaman had decided to stay on Kistal.

So, goods, stories, and items were bartered with smiles and laughs, and the Moss’ari travelled off. As some of the items were bartered, they slowly found their way to merchants, collectors, and nobility. Interests about their origins sprang forth, creating renewed interest in Lake Mirror and Kistal. Resulting in increased numbers of treasure hunters.

Those prying eyes and pillaging hands are said to be the reason why the shaman at Kistal created its four elemental guardians. Safeguarding the mysterious treasure chamber of the Moss’ari settlement. Unable to loot and pillage it, Kistal soon faded into tales and vague memories of migrating Moss’ari.

Skjald Sejrik


Then, in 1167, SA Deepminded came, took ownership of it, and restored Halkistal.

Skjald Valgrif



Kistal currently contains only one hamlet, Halkistal, with a great hall, a dozen small huts, a few guesthouses, and a couple of barns. Its owned by Deepminded, the reborn daughter of herself and mother of her grandmother. She managed to locate the ancient chambers, find the lost key, and once again open the doors to legendary heroes and bold guests.

Kistal is an incredibly powerful Earth Node. Ley Lines—magical energy pathways—crisscross the land, granting it immense magical potential. Its passages are guarded by intricate traps designed to deter unwelcome visitors. With Deepminded being the sole owner and relying on her magic abilities, she is worrying the covetous eyes of the forty chiefs and others. Thus, she has magical defences and has summoned powerful elementals to serve as guardians at Kistal.


Earthen Sentinel:

This guardian appears as a hulking, humanoid figure sculpted from dark, fertile earth. Glowing moss sprouts from its craggy shoulders, and its eyes shimmer like molten gold.

The Earthen Sentinel controls the very ground beneath Kistal. It can manipulate the earth to create walls, raise platforms, or even cause tremors to deter intruders. Its body is incredibly strong and resilient, making it a formidable physical defender.

The Earthen Sentinel awakens when a trespasser with malicious intent steps onto Kistal’s soil. Alternatively, Deepminded can summon it at will through a complex earth magic ritual.

Silent and stoic, the Earthen Sentinel is a force of nature. It shows no mercy to those who threaten Kistal and will fight with relentless determination until the threat is neutralised.


Whispering Whirls:

This guardian is a swirling vortex of compressed air that takes the form of two translucent, humanoid shapes. They appear to be constantly whispering to each other, creating a haunting yet strangely melodic sound.

The Whispering Whirls possess incredible speed and maneuverability. They can zip around Kistal, creating powerful gusts of wind that can disarm or knock back attackers. They can also cloak Kistal in a veil of mist, obscuring it from view. Their whispers can disrupt spells and even sow doubt and confusion in the minds of their enemies.

The Whispering Whirls are constantly vigilant, automatically detecting approaching threats. They become more active, and their whispers grow louder when danger is imminent. Deepminded can also channel their power to create localised windstorms or send messages over long distances.

Elusive and enigmatic, the Whispering Whirls are the guardians of secrets. Their whispers can sometimes offer cryptic warnings or advice to those with pure intentions, but their true meaning remains a mystery.


Tidal Swirl:

This guardian resembles a towering figure sculpted from water constantly floating and swirling, and it can refract light in a mesmerising way.

The Tidal Swirl controls the water surrounding Kistal. It can manipulate the lake to create powerful waves, whirlpools, or even walls of water to defend the island. Its body is highly volatile and resistant to most attacks.

The Tidal Swirl is activated by any unauthorised attempt to enter Kistal from Lake Mirror’s waters or by any disturbance within the lake itself. Deepminded can also summon it at will when a threat approaches from the water.

Silent and emotionless, the Tidal Swirl embodies the raw power of water. It is relentless and unforgiving towards those who dare to violate Kistal’s watery borders.


Moss-Stitched Goliath:

This guardian resembles a hulking giant, with its body composed entirely of living stone and moss. Its form shifts and flows like molten rock, with vibrant green moss clinging to its surface.

The Moss-Stitched Goliath possesses immense strength and durability. It can crush attackers with its massive fists or reshape the very landscape around Kistal. The moss covering its body can also heal minor injuries and provide camouflage.

The Moss-Stitched Goliath awakens when a physical threat attempts to breach Kistal’s defenses. Its movements are slow but unstoppable, and it will relentlessly pursue any intruder until the threat is neutralised.

Fiercely protective and slow to anger, the Moss-Stitched Goliath embodies the stoic resilience of the earth. While not inherently hostile, it will react with overwhelming force to any perceived threat to Kistal.

Skjald Sigurd



Besides Halkistal, there are two other places worth mentioning:

The Moon Pool, deep within the heart of Kistal, lies a secluded grotto, hidden amongst ancient, gnarled trees. Sunlight rarely penetrates this space, creating an atmosphere of cool serenity. At the grotto’s centre lies a pool, whose surface is as still and smooth as black glass. Deepminded strictly controls access to the pool during full moons, only allowing those she deems worthy to partake in its magic. She also uses the pool’s power to maintain her own formidable magical abilities.

Moonlight Magic: The pool’s true magic only activates when the moon is full. As the moon reaches its zenith, its light bathes the pool in an ethereal glow. This lunar energy imbues the water with potent magical properties.

Spellcasters who drink from the pool during a full moon experience a significant boost in their magical abilities. Spells become more potent, casting times are reduced, and the likelihood of success increases dramatically.

The pool’s lunar magic can unlock glimpses of the future. Those who meditate beside the pool during a full moon might experience prophetic visions, cryptic messages, or warnings of impending dangers.

The pool can amplify emotions, both positive and negative. Individuals seeking clarity and inner peace may find their meditations enhanced, while those harbouring negative emotions could find themselves overwhelmed by anger, fear, or sadness.

Excessive exposure to the Moon Pool’s magic can be dangerous. Those who drink too much from the pool or spend too long meditating beside it risk losing themselves in visions or succumbing to overwhelming emotions.


The Whispering Grove:

Tucked away in a dense corner of Kistal’s small forest lies a grove of ancient trees unlike any others. Their bark is a smooth, silvery white, and their leaves shimmer with an almost otherworldly luminescence. An eerie stillness hangs in the air, broken only by the soft rustling of leaves.

The trees in the grove possess a unique magic. They are not sentient beings, but they act as conduits for whispers—fragments of thoughts, memories, and emotions left behind by those who have visited Kistal throughout its long history.

Those with a keen enough ear can pick up faint whispers carried on the wind. These whispers could be snippets of conversations, prayers, or even battle cries from Kistal’s past. A skilled scholar or mage might be able to decipher these whispers, piecing together fragments of Kistal’s history.

The whispers can sometimes offer cryptic advice or words of encouragement to those who seek them. A troubled soul might hear a calming whisper, while a warrior might hear a battle cry that bolsters their courage.

For some, the constant hum of whispers can be overwhelming. The sheer volume of emotions and thoughts can lead to confusion, headaches, and even emotional distress.

Deepminded can focus and amplify the whispers of the grove. She uses this ability to learn about Kistal’s past and to gain insights into the motivations of those who visit the island. She may also use the grove’s whispers to manipulate others, playing on their fears or desires.

Focusing too heavily on the whispers can be dangerous. The sheer volume of emotions and thoughts can cause mental fatigue and even lead to a form of madness. Those who spend too much time in the grove risk losing touch with reality and becoming consumed by the whispers of the past.

Skjald El Mary


Setting foot on Kistal… the earth-node… knows your thoughts.

Skjald Ulrich

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