Mt. Ljostia


7270 FA Mt. Ljostia renamed

4286 TA Mt. Vula erupts

4286 TA Ljostari sinks


“Home of the Dwarf lords, their greatest realm and furnace of the greatest. Renamed by the Vular, it now lingers in between realms.”

Skjald Yell'a'Beard



First Age

The House of Ühmrar Zänziliibûhr had been carving a great realm in the belly of what became Mt. Ljostia for many centuries, and it was a great thriving realm with some of the best Crafters in both The Void and our World. Especially famous was their great, elaborately carved smithing hall at the mountain centre. They had managed to tame ‘Earth’s Veins’, as they called the lava floods uncovered. There, not only Dwarfs but Crafters of all Races stood sweating shoulder by shoulder, or sat aside one another Enhancing things, cutting Gems, or ornamenting the finest of things.

Skjald Ulrich


Third Age

Amongst the races, Dwarfs were highly regarded and the 1st House the most, even outperforming the Ljost Alfar. But when the Vular came visiting, colonising, and finally trying to conquer Ljostari, Things began to go awry, and the traffic to their realm was hindered as pressure for insight into skills and knowledge grew. When the newcomers announced their Vularian Empire and renamed the Isle to Vula, and the Dwarfs old home to Mt. Vula. The Dwarfs finally had enough, and fully armed and armoured, they marched out their gates and secret tunnels. In the following conflict, all races became involved, and the entire Dwarf House was swallowed when Ljostari sank and Mt. Vula erupted.

When their realm, the renamed mountain, erupted and spewed out billions of Mana Threads, it sank into the inner Astral and cloaked in The Void it was torn from our world. Thus, it now lingers between all three realms and is the furnace for hundreds of crafters.

Skjald Vinotis


Fourth Age

Forever gone, Mt. Ljostia had changed into the ghostly fog-covered Mt. Vula. Only if invited by gods, renowned crafting lords, or mana manipulators could one go there using Astravel. Once there, one would meet the odd Lava Imps, in which Ühmrar's tribe changed into.

After The Great Invasion, many libraries have been rebuilt, reordered, and catalogued anew. Lore hinting at Ühmrar’s tribe managing to escape and set up somewhere else has been found.

Skjald El Mary



For further information… see Mt. Vula…

Skjald Kazumix


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