1st VioletThe Pilgrim

1st BlueTius

1st CyanMethic y Paladin

1st GreenLeanne

1st YellowFantasia

1st OrangeJupiler

1st RedUlfvarinn

1st PinkGarrett

2nd VioletBullivar


“The High King experienced that the Law of The Realm was not upheld, but it was urgent justice was upheld throughout The Realm. So the Enforcers was created to travel, watch, listen and enforce the laws of the  Fair of The Realm.”

Skjald Yell'a'Beard



As such the idea was spawned in the late autumn of 1250 SA, but it was not until the next year that the first Enforcer, The Pilgrim was officially announced. Within a week The Pilgrim and the High King had found and announced the rest of the Enforcers.

In the first year there was several arguments, a few heated conflicts, and a handful swift death sentences. As words spread, the conflicts died out and Nobility as such began adhering to the agreed. Although mourning the lost and the need for the harsh enforcement, the High King saw this as a small price to pay as lifes for everyone generally became easier and more tolerable. Its odd though, to think that such a large fraction, spread all over The Realm not only opposed it, but also worked to topple it all.

Skjald Sejrik



They adhered to the  laws set at each Fair of The Realm and could enforce its wordings upon local Nobility trying to bend the rules. They only answered to the High King, but could be summoned to court at Grimsborg in case a local Lord disagreed with their behaviour.

Skjald El Mary



They are not above the Law of The Realm but its pretty damn close.

Skjald Ulrich

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