Explosive Powder


“A very long time ago the Borji villagers of Angbai heard a large sound and then Chiun Chiang Ars tower started to fall upon the villagers.”

Skjald El Mary



A few hundred years prior the beginning of Second Age, an old Borji Alchemist, Chiun Chiang Ars, of Angbai. Where mixing all kind of Resource and Raw material as well as testing the Ingredients under various conditions. He cleverly enough did so in very small amounts up in his tower and always wrote what used, conditions and results. These logs he stored in the basement of his house as a safety measure.

He had grown old due his precautions but his Apprentices where of the young rather impatient types. So one day just as they had concluded experiments with a few grains of what would become Explosive Powder. He walked down to place the logs meanwhile his Apprentices, tested a larger portion or fumbled with it, managed to blow his entire towers to pieces.

The explosion could be heard for miles, the shockvawe and falling debris killed people and nearby livestock. And it litterally rained fine debris, burned dust and sticky ash for days. Chiun was shaken about the destructive force of his discovery.

Skjald Valgrif


Within days the rumor had reached the local Lord and inquiries began to float in about Explosive Powder in exchange for Gold, Silver and Gems. At first he refused but when the King came by and took hold of the logs by force. He finally agreed to pass the knowledge. Thus several Borji learned how to create and handle it.

Skjald Sigurd


Some of these used it in weak mixings and very small amounts to create festival rockets, and further Alchemical research added other Ingredients so that colours would be visible upon explosion. As these festivals often included passing Tatongōl some of these through time managed to grasp handling, construction, and what to mix. A few of these Tatongol became so skilled they rivalled the Borji. Being an open hearted and mouthed people, they began suggesting improvements or variations to the Borjis in charge of festivals. Who albeit surprised, took the advice with open hearth and mind, thus a Fireworkers GuildGuild of both Borji and Tatongol evolved.

Some of these Tatongol did though, just as some Borji, then N'Aldaan and finally as good as everyone else. See great value in Explosive Powder as a tool in warfare, so they began making steel tipped RocketsHandguns and eventually Cannons. Especially one lot of Tatongols, the Oghuz, favoured these over horseback archery -especially for plundering towns and cities.

Skjald Sejrik



Explosive Powder has always been something a few Guilds tried to control, but these days everyone gas access, even the malicious lot from The Torch.

Its a mixture of SulfurCarbon and Saltpeter. The actual amounts varies amongst Fireworkers and their Powder is considered the least lethal of the explosives. This is due the deflagration process rather than a detonation, allowing for a pressure buildup that can be somewhat controlled and directed.

Thus are Explosive Powder a term covering both Gunpowder and Explosives, the first used in fireworks, handguns, cannons and rockets. The latter are used to crack open mine, quarry and mountains.

Skjald Sejrik



If wet it wont work… if old its alive… if too much… bye bye…

Skjald Kazumix

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