From slim to muscular, to fat and stocky.

Height: (cm)

Females: 170-180

Males: 175-185

Weight: (kg)

Females: 55-75

Males: 65-90

Lifespan: (yr)

Females: 140-145

Males: 135-140


Golden to red to yellow.


Mostly black but any has been seen.


Mostly brown but any has been seen.





2500 S.A founded the N’Aaldan Empire

875 T.A. collapse of N’Aaldan Empire

1250 T.A. dissolving of N’Aaldan Empire

1250 T.A. join The Realm



Considered the 12th oldest of the Indigenous tribes, the are offspring from mixing Kobold and Archaic Neander. Some of their old chronicles claim that they descend from a empire older than the Vular and have equally noble heritage. This gives them a somewhat proud attitude towards the other races, especially the lesser ones, against whom they often act rashly and violently, in words as well as in actions. They mainly live in cities, or settlements in mountains and woods.

Skjald Sejrik


Environment: They are found throughout Naldar where they live in settlements disconnected with the other races, or as small communities within other racial environments.

Skjald El Mary


Organization: Mostly they are found in large cities or as individuals living isolated, mostly studying. They live and breathe sworn in fealty to a king.

Ugaar is the elitists chosen to surround the emperor.

Igaar is the elite of the society.

Asgaar is the main standing army, which gives a member a social rank between Igaar and Rogaar.

Rogaar is the peasant class.

Kogaar is the assassination class.

Shogaar is the warrior monk class.

Mugaar is the religious

Skjald Vinotis


Special: They are good workers and excellent warriors. A few selected individuals at their upper court circles are known to be able to use Nimzaxian fluently. Some of their more skilled traders are known to be able to use Tha-Arlian to some extent.

Skjald Valgrif


They are excellent warriors and their legends claim that in ancient times they fended off a Frograi invasion all by themselves, as their combat skills with sword was superior to the enemies skills with spears and great-blades.

Skjald Sejrik


Story: Jocky Chan once told me about the meeting in 1250 where the N’Aaldan finally decided to join in forming The Realm and acknowling the High King as theirs as well. Basically ending 375 years of brutal civil war, brought to the commoner by their power hungry Ubun, each eager to be the Sharun of Sunborn as well as protecting their own clans.

The meeting was far more relaxed than any ever before among the Ubun as they knew war was finally over. Signing the treaty went smooth and the only tense moment, was when theSharin of Sunborn handed his crown to Sahsnot, the first ever not a royal N’Aaldan to touch it. Holding it meanwhile the Kobold Smidhr  pryed the Sunstone of the Blue Ocean from it. Starting to insert it in the crown of the High King that Kanziganthir was holding, meanwhile Sahsnot stepped in front of the attending Lava Imp and with a nod to the former Sharun of Sunborn let it elite down into the heads boiling lava.

To the sizzling sound of it melting, Kanziganthir gave the crown of the High King to the former Sharin of Sunborn, who stepped in front of the High King  Solvarr 'Black Oak' Svartholtr and with the words, “I give you me and my Isles loyalty, and out power”, placed the crown back on the High King.

Baldur told me, that it was the first time ever, he saw N’Aaldan commoners smile genuinely.

Skjald Sigurd