“Uttering syllables, weaving hands and focusing the mind is what makes each area unique, and adding components for enhancing or strengthen whats to dissolve or create is what is common for all. Discovered by the wife of Jeweller Ardulmar Arnubti, as he threw diamond dust at the emerging Daemon to blind it meanwhile casting a defensive spell. Resulting in a spell exploding in potency and engulfed both defender and attacker -turning them to diamond debris… -making his wife very rich.”

Skjald Sejrik



Back in the early days of SA it was discovered that when trying to alter Mana here in our World. A Mana Manipulator could enhance the outcome, if ingredients of the same type as altering attempt was added. Through time the school of Ingredients has developed the ‘best-to-add’ law.

Skjald El Mary



The school of ingredients is divided into two main courses; forming and dissolving.

School of forming

Teaches etchis, object shape and content, generally focusing on object mass and Mana required.


School of dissolving

Teaches ethics, object mass and content as well as Mana required and energetic reactions.


Skjald Sigurd



We have been told that the older a physical form is, the more potent its energetic outburst is when dissolved.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard

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