Spirits born have never been torn, as when spun, they are to be exactly thus.”

Skjald Sejrik



In the Void, before any mana leaks from the Astral, beings might have existed. But, just as the Divine Races is a product of mana-tainted matter, which most likely was non-crystalline mana leaking, its uncertain.

But everything sentinent has sprung from leaked mana, and when the divine races entered the astral, they evolved into the Vornir, handling mana leaks and spinning them into mana threads of existence. In regard to the energetic pattern and aura colour, as the energy ‘told’ of what it wanted to be.

Thus did every leak before our world was created come into existence as is, amongst those Raw material, Flora, and Fauna, all intheirs rightful shape. Amongst these came self-reproducing things, like races consisting of females and males.

Skjald El Mary



Gender means “kind,”  “type,”  or “sort” and is related to the reproduction system within races, where breeding results in offspring of either male or female gender. Males contribute to the reproduction, and females carry the infant until it is born or laid.

Skjald Sigurd

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