Kobolds Agrimony

  • Discovery: Mothrommi Mrabu
  • Climate: Temperate
  • Locale: Forest
  • Type: Annual
  • Type: Herbaceous plant
  • Available: Summer 30%
  • Cost: 2 gp/ 8 gp
  • Uses: 3


The lore of Kobold’s Agrimony tells the tale of Mothrommi Mrabu, a renowned Herbalist known for his tireless pursuit of testing, innovation, and knowledge exchanges. Among the many fruits of his endeavors was the acquisition of Kobold’s Agrimony, a prized herb gained through an exchange with the elusive Kobold Race.

Skjald Ulrich



Mothrommi Mrabu’s fame extended far and wide, owing to his insatiable thirst for herbal knowledge and unwavering dedication to exploring the wilderness and engaging with other Races to exchange their wisdom. During one such encounter, he crossed paths with the reclusive Kobold Race, and the invaluable gift of Agrimony was bestowed upon him.

Skjald El Mary



Kobold’s Agrimony stands gracefully, reaching heights of 1 to 2 feet. Characterized by its dark green compound leaves and vibrant light green freshones, the herb emanates a unique allure. Its slender spikes bear small, sunny yellow flowers, surrounded by dark green and blueish fruit-like burs.

Skjald Ulrich



Temperate Forest

Skjald El Mary



Preparation: To harness the full potency of Kobold’s Agrimony, its berries must undergo a delicate drying process spanning one week. Subsequently, they are carefully boiled for five minutes, followed by an hour of rest.

Use: Craft a compress and immerse it in the herbal soup, then apply it gently to sprains and bruises.

Effect: The application of Kobold’s Agrimony-infused compress to injuries accelerates the recovery process, halving the time typically required for healing.

Skjald Sejrik



The brew’s miraculous effect continues to work for as long as it exists, proving its long-lasting efficacy.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard



To unlock Kobold’s Agrimony’s desired effects, it must be meticulously dried and boiled according to the prescribed method. Any deviation from the procedure may diminish its potency and fail to yield the expected results. Healers and herbalists are urged to adhere to the precise preparation guidelines to ensure the herb’s optimal performance. With proper care, Kobold’s Agrimony will stand as a testament to the wonders of nature’s healing prowess.

Skjald Sigurd

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