Gods Sight

  • Discovery: Shanny Haunville
  • Climate:
  • Locale: Mountains
  • Type: Bienneal
  • Herbaceous plant
  • Available: Winter 5%
  • Cost: 100 gp/ 1000 gp
  • Uses: 1


The wondrous discovery of Gods Sight by Shanny Haunville brought hope and light to the once-dreaded ‘Blind men’s Valley,’ for this remarkable Herb possesses the miraculous ability to restore eyesight.

Skjald Vinotis



In the treacherous terrain of the high mountains, three brave Hunters embarked on a quest to secure rare skins. However, fate had other plans for them when they encountered a towering creature, a young male Ye'Til, which immediately attacked. In the ensuing battle, one of the hunters tragically lost an eye. Despite their valiant efforts, they were only able to subdue the creature after great struggle, ultimately retrieving its prized furred skin. Soon after, disaster struck again as they faced a blizzard, and one of the hunters was tragically buried under an avalanche, suffering severe frost damage to the eyes.

Two of the hunters now burdened with eye injuries sought shelter beneath a massive rock near a frozen rocky stream. With the storm raging on, Shanny Haunville noticed a few of the peculiar Herbs growing nearby. As the bubbling water in the stream whispered of possible curing abilities, Shanny decided to act. Under the storm’s ominous watch, they ignited a fire and gently boiled the roots of the Herbs. Once the roots were soft, they consumed some, feeling refreshment wash over them. Using the cold brew that resulted from the distillation, they carefully cleansed their damaged eyes, and to their astonishment, a miraculous transformation unfolded.

Skjald Sigurd



Gods Sight presents itself as a 20-25cm tall plant, easily recognizable by its curly, light green top leaves and the unusual long, finger-like darker leaves. Thriving in the shades rather than direct sunlight, this extraordinary Herb reveals its readiness for use through rare blue-green blossoms and vibrant red berries.

Skjald Vinotis




Skjald Sejrik



Preparation: To unlock the full potential of Gods Sight, the roots of this magnificent plant must be skillfully brewed over a low fire for an entire week. The slow and deliberate process extracts the Herb’s essence and medicinal properties, preparing it for its life-changing purpose.

Use: The resulting distillation, now brimming with the potency of Gods Sight, must be consumed.

Effect: Upon ingestion, the recipient, provided their eye remains, will witness the restoration of their lost sight. The healing process, though miraculous, is not immediate and varies in duration based on the severity of the eye damage, ranging from mere hours to several weeks.

Skjald Valgrif



The exceptional powers of Gods Sight are governed by the extent of the eye injury. As such, each individual’s recovery period will differ, necessitating patience and attentiveness during the healing journey.

Skjald El Mary



In utilizing Gods Sight, meticulousness and care are vital. The water must never reach boiling state, nor should it dry out during the preparation process, as such missteps may compromise the Herb’s efficacy. Experienced healers or herbalists are advised to oversee the preparation and administration of Gods Sight to ensure the best possible outcome for the recipient.

Skjald Sejrik

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