The Deep Blue


“Deep down, theres something with a flow of its own. Causing energies to act in strange ways and even influencing Spirits of the dead”

Skjald El Mary



When Ljostari sank and Mt. Vula erupted, alongside the never before nor since seen Mana Flow released by the warring sides. World and Astral became one and a massive tsunami swept the Isles. Forever changing the water in our Seas, giving it the ability to reanimate the dead and disrupt what a Mana Manipulator may attempt.

The Scholars have studied the reanimation phenomonom and found out theres both similarities and differences between the Arisen & Draugr. Both lack a Spirit, yet have energy animating their Carcass and both types can become Mana Manipulator.

On the other hand, only Wanderers seem able to become Draugr and only Indegenious and Other Races can become Arisen. Thus are many Wanderers terrified to sail the waters surrounding Mt. Vula and nearĀ  The Rim in case they drown, and the Indigenous and other Races bury their lost ones in mounds aloft, with mouths facing away from coastlines.

As reports of these animated Arisen and Draugr was non existing prior the Mt. Vula tsunami, but has occured many times since. Its believed this flooding stained as good as any water source in the World . Thus, Scholars now call all World waters The Deep Blue.

Skjald Sigurd



The Deep Blue… contain things… best left alone…

Skjald Kazumix

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