The Deep Blue


“Deep down, theres something with a flow of its own. Causing energies to act in strange ways and even influencing Spirits of the Humans.”

Skjald El Mary



When Ljostari sank and some burial chambers became flooded it caused these Heroic individuals and their followers to rise from tombs and graves. Thus where the Arisen born in annoyed disruption of their long slumber. Seemingly their Spirits had lingered in The Void and not inhabited newborns. Why we, or they, don’t know. But, generally they came to be with a dislike for the living -for some even hate.

The Scholars have studied this phenomonom and found out theres both similarities and differences between the Arisen and Draugr. Both lack a Spirit yet have energy animating their Carcass and both can be Mana Manipulator.

On the other hand, only Wanderers can become Draugr and only Indegenious remains poured with water from The Deep Blue can become Arisen. Thus are Wanderers terrified to drown in waters surrounding Mt. Vula and near  The Rim and Indigenous bury theirs in mounds aloft and with mouths facing inwards and away from coastlines.

As reports of these animated Arisen and Draugr was as good as non existing prior the Mt. Vula flood, but has occured many times since. Its believed this flooding stained as good as any water source in the World together. Thus, Scholars now call the waters of the World, The Deep Blue.

Skjald Sigurd



Some parts of The Deep Blue contains things better left alone.

Skjald El Mary

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