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DA -12800 Heiberg raise portal

-9460 Cromi empire

-400 Mawmen arrives

2 TA Vular arrives

3646 Third Age the Vular War

4286 Ljostari sinks

4286 Mt. Vula erupts


Once a heaven of peace and philosophy, then came the Mawmen and Vular, changing Ljostari heaven forever. Now it is but a memory in Ljost Alfar minds and scrolls of Mortal Races.

Skjald El Mary



Dark Ages

One of the first, if not the very first, of those things linked to the Astral, which became a Void Garden. The vibrant, low-humming, and dimly glowing Mana Thread attracted beings of many Races who followed it to its end, far out in The Void. They camped and interacted with others, and soon a plenitude of diverse individuals shared interests and jointly studied what was brought to the site.

Skjald Valgrif


First Age

The island of Ljostari was formed when our world was created and was an island the size of the country. Usai at West Fjella Isle. The Divine Races had only brought some of the former neighbours to this place, thus it was mostly inhabited by Ljost Alfar, Fautyr, Moss'ari, and T'Aurs. and all three of the Archaic Races.

Skjald Ulrich


Second Age

The cataclysmic Vampire wars saw the south end of the country break off and sink beneath the sea in the 1st Cataclysm. Thus, the Fautyr heaven of Niabolta Tio was destroyed.

Slowly recovering, time passed, and a handful of centuries prior to the Vular coming, the Mawmen from Darin came and settled on the southern shores. They built a couple of mighty castles and started to trade and learn what Crafting they could. Seemingly, great noble families were exiled, merely lingering to strike back with renewed force when the time was right. Aside from trading and learning, they interfered little with the older races.

The Mawmen presence established several strong and stable trade routes with Darin, importing raw materials like magic glass in bulk to be bought by Moss’ari and Ljost Alfar. The only Kobold colony was far more interested in buying raw materials from The Rim to create Ljosti Bronze—asecret Recipe of the Kobolds. The abilities of Ljosti Bronze made an odd bond between Kobolds and Moss’ari, who were eager to get as much of this as they could.

Skjald Vinotis


Third Age

Shortly after they crossed the Rim, the Vular also came to Ljostari. At first, the humble guests sought friendship and were pleased to find skilled teachers in every aspect of crafting: medicine, philosophy, cooking, and much more. Through more than a millennium, they watched and learned, and slowly, their arrogance towards equality built. Forgetting that the very same Overlords teaching them was the very same who taught their ancestors at their arrival and thus skilled far beyond Vular comparison.

Thus, envy and malice began to spill into the growing number of Vular, and around 3600 TA began harassing the Ljost Alfar settlements openly, attempting to drive them off Ljostari. culminating in the two-year-long war breaking out in 3646, when the Ljost Alfar finally had enough and stroked enough to get rid of the swarming plague. As it ended with victory for the Vular at the great clash outside the Capital and they began to raze and pillage, the Divine races stepped out of the Astral in fury, aiding both sides. This ended with Ljostari sinking beneath The Deep Blue, only to have the central mountain erupt as an odd volcano, Mt. Vula, at the edges between the World and the Astral.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard



At the east side of Ljostari, where Mt. Ljostia meets the sea, the Ljost Alfar under Queen Insilnuella Eranvurtal, built Ljostalia.

Skjald Vinotis



Many legends…

Mountains of magic glass… thousands of resource bars… hundreds of objects…

Waggons with Gems… crates with rare coins…

Taken in haste… hit by tsunami wrath… now buried waste…

Skjald Kazumix


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