D.A. -12800 Heiberg raise portal

D.A. -9460 Cromi empire

D.A. -400 Mawmen arrives

F.A. 25 Vular arrives

F.A. 1879 the Vular War

F.A. 1881 Ljostari sinks

S.A. 1 Mt. Vula erupts


“Once a heaven of peace and philosophy, then came the Mavmen and Vular changing Ljostari heaven forever. Now it is but a memory in Alfar minds and Human scrolls.”

Skjald El Mary




The island of Ljostari was once an island the size of the Country Usai at West Fjella island. Mostly inhabited by Ljost AlfarFaun, and all three Archaic races.

Then, approximately a handful centuries prior the Vular coming, spreading, claiming, the Mawmen from Darin settled in at the southern shores where they built a couple of mighty castles. Seemingly it was great noble families exiled yet still lingering to strike back. They interfered little with the older races but their presence established several strong and stable trade routes with Darin.

Skjald Valgrif


But, shortly after they crossed The Rim the Vular came to Ljostari. At first the humble guests seeking friendship and pleased to find skilled teachers in every aspect of crafting, medicine, philosophy, cooking and so much more. Through more than a millennia they watched and learned, and slowly they built an arrogance of equality. Forgetting that the very masters teaching them was the very same who taught their ancestors at their arrival and thus skilled far beyond comparison. So envy began to spire -and grow.

As did the number of Vular, so around F.A. 1700 they began harassing the Ljost Alfar settlements attempting to drive them off. It all culminated in the 2 year long war breaking out in 1879 when the Ljost Alfar finally had enough.

It ended with victory for the Vular -and then all the Divine races stepped down and out in fury. Destroying Ljostari so it sank beneath the Deep Blue only to have its volcano, Mt. Vula becoming its replacement.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard

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