Mt. Vula


1881 FA Ljostari sinks

1 SA Mt. Vula erupts



“Dormant since dawn of time it was a Sailors landmark of Ljostari. But when the Vular attacked the Ljost Alfar and many other Races and Gods threw themselves into the fray. It erupted and engulfed the greatest heaven, changing it into a craftsman’s dream.”

Skjald El Mary



Mt. Vula was a dormant volcano that became the battleground for the most fierce release of Magic known. Energies released became so powerful that they began ripping Mana Manipulator and even Gods apart, using their energies to feed itself. Eventually it built to such force, that it ripped apart the fabric that separated the Astral and our World. This created a fabric-soup that polluted the sea around Ljostari as it sank into the waters -now known asĀ The Deep Blue.

It’s now a remote island covered in Magic mist, preventing people from reaching it through the physical plane. It is only reachable through Astravel.

Skjald Valgrif

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