“As The Deep Blue tsunami swept across the Isles and hit their shores. Tombs, chambers, mounds and graves where flooded with a surge of reanimation, and out stepped the Arisen in scores.”

Skjald Ulrich



Long ago, all the way back to the dawn of First Age or mists of the Dark Ages, many of these where buried. Either in grand glory, unwillingly following their masters, in mass vattlefield graves, or slowly rotting down into the soil of former farmlands or ruined villages. So the slumber was deep and strong, but also with an undying sparkle of hope -that some day salvation would come.

And it came, not as anyone had anticipated, but on the day Ljostari sank and Mt. Vula erupted, World and Astral became one chaotic whirlpool. Thus did the flooding waters blow animation back to half rottened corpses, dried up piles of bones and mummified remains.

Skjald El Mary



Despite them all being but a Carcass unable to reproduce and able to act without Spirit. Theres a large difference in what they are in the eyes of the Mortal Races and Divine Races.

  • Mummy – mummified nobility of both Gender
  • Lich – Mana Manipulator self transformed into Arisen
  • Wight – one that lost spirit and is not dead (immortal)
  • Skeleton – a dead being consisting of but animated bones
  • Zombie – animated through Mana Manipulation
  • Ghost – somewhat shimmering transparent as it has no notable physical remains
  • Ghoul – greedy flesh eating Archaic

As we know either a Mummy, Lich or Wight lead their forces wgen they go to war or defend themselves. Skeletons the core backbone and Zombies, Ghosts and Ghouls the Auxiliary fill.

Skjald El Mary



They can’t Break in combat and ignore Fear. They are but Feared by anyone causing Dread and Terror.

Skjald Sejrik

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