1st Kings Meeting



Slips signed… Wax melted… Rings pressed.

Skjald Kazumix



Fourth Age

One could argue that this is a false label, calling this meeting the 1st meeting regarding The Realm, since it only took place because of things visioned at a meeting Lauric Svartholtr held in 1167.

At that meeting, several Nobility aired opinions and suggestions towards common and more just laws for all to follow. These were the first of an ever-growing Law of the Realm. According to further discussions and agreements, it has since been maintained by the great Kanziganthir.

Skjald Sejrik


Anyways, this is supposed to be about that meeting in the great bustling City of Tartu. In 1208, at a meeting in Gramshirs Villa, several kings were present, discussing the uniting of all countries, kingdoms, republics, and free cities of all nine isles and Darin. The experience was great, as some had not seen their Darim, Izir, and Mawmen friends for very long. The reunion of friends in the first evening set hopes for the future high.

Thus, the villa was crowded with people from everywhere, as the idea already had some strong supporters. But during the discussions, that lasted several days. The envoys from Darin came to realise that the forces of the realm would be unable to support Ye'Til and raiders from Outlands. And that fair trade consessions and taxes would require a long, tedious struggle, afraid men greedy with broad smiles and assuring words. Thus, the Darin delegation chose not to participate, withdrew from the meeting, and left the next day.

It saddened most of the northern participants, as they knew the lack of unity most likely would result in a growing cleft. A fear proven true, as some didn’t shake hands or utter the usual fare-thy-wells when they left old comrades or long-trusted trade partners. Some never saw each other again.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard



To unite every living being in a harmonious, peaceful realm, despite racial origin or beliefs, all the assembled agreed to work for the realm. So each of the Tribes, or Organisations, from all races present, gained a seat in a council. This council became their ruling council until they were ready to elect high kings. As the years passed, both the law of the realm and the number of members in the council grew.

Of course, there was debating, discussions, harsh words, elegant insults, and outright duelling. Would have surprised us if not for the assembled and their interests taken into consideration. Some issues were solved by paying large sums, handing off land, generous trade concessions, marriages, contests of strength and wit, as well as outright duelling. But eventually, agreements were sealed and signed.

Skjald Vinotis



They elected an unofficial high king to lead between council meetings.

Skjald El Mary


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