Deep down in Darin mountain nests lingers the oldest of documents and Monsters. So don’t open and gates, doors, lids or bags uninvited.

Skjald Sejrik



Darin is a great landmass, some say the greatest in the World as its connected to The Rim, but that would be discounting The Rim itself. Anyways its large, arid and cold and is split into twelve major Countries.

Skjald Sigurd



Down the Southwest part, where its connected to The Rim lies Khesyl between the The Deep Blue and the Khesylian Heights. A long mountain range floating out into the vast steppes of Dantres which stretches all the way to Black Peaks. A high jagged mountain range separating main Darin from Svartland which stretches far out on The Rim.

North of Khesyl lies Surdy and Saamur. Topped by Norien. North of vast Dantres lies Dania and Nianada up to the Blue Rim, a vast mountain range cutting all across Darin. East and North of this lies Salmydes, Azkanü and Trendonia, topped by Ghond and Thondoline

Skjald Ulrich



This place has lost all its former glory of counsils and treaties, now its every city gates finest against everyone else.

Skjald El Mary



A Place of make believe… wonders and opportunity… treasure and thrill… and a quick unseen kill…

Skjald Kazumix

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