“In Darins dawn, Mawmen rose from thawed drops of Vornir tears.”

Skjald Yell'a'Beard



Their history dates back some 6000 years into the Dark Ages where they are first encountered by Gods and Boriac alike. Both taken aback over this sturdy and quite talented Human lot, they began teaching them further.

As Climates forced them to live in what nature provided solid, often deep underground caves which they carved to their needs. Often tribes grew faster in size than they could extend their small realms. So they developed the habit of splitting, when tribes grew too large and started new settlements. Keeping their ties, a thriving trade system formed and they eagerly shared gained knowledge. Maybe inspired by the lessons taught by Gods and Boriacs.

The Arid climate could be tuff, so Mawmen carved their dwellings deep to get the warmth of the deep and they shaped hallways and rooms rather elaborate. It was during these carvings they began to realize the value, of many a Raw material found. To mention a few of the most praised; Magic Glass and Ljosti Bronze. Well, Ljosti Bronze as such, arent exactly dug out, but they provide the Raws.

Skjald Sejrik


Through the Dark Ages they evolved and spread all across South Darin and in the First Age they began piling rock and stone on top of some of their dwellings. Creating strong boned castles as showoff to other Mawmen and the Other Races. This led to Mawmen beginning to claim land areas as theirs and eventually conflict or outright war. As their society slowly changed, teaching their knowledge became sparse and as such died off. Instead their focus centered around showoff constructions and area aqqusitions. So, descendants of former siblings became foes and fought eagerly, killing or exiling loosers. Some diden’t want to fight and went into exile by their own will.

Skjald El Mary


Some disliked spilling family blood… ignoring the seeds of any God…

Packing children, lore and pets… they traveled to Ljostari without regrets…

Lore and skills refined till ‘Ljosti’ sank… and of The Deep Blue many drank…

Skjald Kazumix


With the sinking of Ljostari some of the exiled took residence at East Fjella, Markeoy, Midgard and The Rim. Others went back to Darin and forced themselves spots of living in the chaos that followed the Mt. Vula eruption.

Since, these colonies has kept the trading and sgaring knowledge aspect from Lostari, but for the old school Mawmen. These old-world settlements still adhere to secrecy and only trade with Raw material or Resource.

Skjald Sigurd



Each tribe or settlement are led by a council of 8, their most sacred number. These counsils consist of voted in individuals based upon their abilities and skills.

Skjald Ulrich



Figure out if those about to recieve you as guest, are old-worlders or new-thinkers, before you act and speak.

Skjald Valgrif

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